July 27-30

Happy #WEEKEND everyone! Let’s see what we have planned for you.

(Summer) Friday:

305 Fitness: 305 Fitness is a workout class based off of the clubs in Miami, Florida (you may recognize the Florida area code). All classes are 55 minutes long with a focus on high-intensity cardio. Classes also feature sprint intervals, sculpting, and some cool-down stretching. I was a little hesitant to try this class because I don’t think of myself as someone who can skillfully break it down on the dance floor. However, once I entered the dark room with hot pink walls and a live DJ, I was sold! My teacher (shout out to Symone!) had so much energy as she warmed us up with dance routines, hip-hop moves, and leg exercises. I stood in the back because it was my first time, but this is not a class where you need to be embarrassed. Everyone does the dance moves with their own personal flare and to the best of their ability. As long as you’re jumping, moving, and sweating, you’re doing it correctly! Each song that came on continued to boost my energy, so much so that by the end, I even attempted to twerk! All fun aside, you also get an intense workout and toning based on what class you choose (abs, arms, butt, or legs). I left the class with a giant smile on my face, as you can’t help to laugh when you’re waving your hands around for a straight hour! The class is normally $32 dollars a person, but if your friend or anyone you know is already signed up for a bunch of classes, you can be a FREE plus-one all summer long!  Also, there are always discount packages on their website, so make sure to buy one of those if you're hooked after the first time!

Blank Slate Coffee: Blank Slate Coffee (about a 4 minute walk from the midtown 305 Fitness studio) is a great coffee shop located on 30th St and Madison Avenue. It’s pretty small, but they usually have tables for 2 available along with big high top tables for larger groups. This is the perfect place to come after your workout because it’s filling, has healthy options, and is super delicious! Everything from their salads to sandwiches taste great. My personal favorite is their avocado toast because honey is mixed in with the avocado and chili flakes, which adds a little sweetness to the spicy flakes! If you’re in the mood for dessert, (you DID just dance off a lot of calories!) they also have s’mores dip which consists of chocolate and marshmallows melted together with a side of graham crackers for dipping. On the right hand fridge section of the restaurant, there are some tasty (and trendy!) desserts and drinks as well. They sell DO (as in Cookie DO) in all the best flavors such as oatmeal and chocolate chip. No need to wait at their new storefront because you can take home a mini or regular pint right here in midtown Manhattan. I also recently discovered they have Wolffer Estate ciders in cute individual bottles. Not only did I enjoy my lunch, but I also went home with a few treats!

Friday Night:

Home Cooked Meal: Friday nights are always tricky because you just finished work, you're tired, but you still want to celebrate the well-deserved weekend. I have the perfect solution! Invite your friends, family, or coworkers over for a fun meal at your apartment with Delicious & Sons products! Delicious & Sons is a specialty food brand rooted in quality and flavor, providing products true to the warmth and passion of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Their line of sauces, spreads, dips, and glazes are organic, non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan or vegetarian. I first discovered Delicious & Sons at the Fancy Food Show earlier this summer. As you may have seen on my Instagram stories, my amazingly talented Editor-in-Chief and I went around in search of our favorite new, tasty, and useful products! Delicious & Sons was right up my alley because their sauces and spreads are really easy to incorporate into recipes, making an amateur chef like myself feel more advanced by cooking with great flavors. I recommend this Chickpea Salad recipe for your guests. This chickpea salad combines various Mediterranean traditions and flavors in one easy-to-make, healthy, and delicious salad. It’s inspired by a traditional Greek salad with feta cheese and onion, but adds a Middle Eastern touch with baby chickpeas. It’s all brought together with an Italian-style dressing with sun-dried tomatoes. It can be thrown together in just a few minutes and can serve as a great starter! Grab some one-dollar Trader Joe's canned wine to make a relaxing evening with fun company. Ready to start cooking? Use our code DeliciousWeekend15 for 15% off anything on the Delicious & Sons website through the end of August!

Saturday Day:

The Crown Rooftop: The Crown Rooftop, located on the 21st floor of Hotel 50 Bowery, is a new rooftop bar and lounge in Chinatown. Here you can see the most gorgeous views of downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, and even the far off silhouettes of Queens and New Jersey! The Crown offers guests 2 different outdoor terraces and a variety of Asian-inspired cocktails. On Saturday’s from 2-8pm, an open party commences with small bites, frosé, boozy ice pops, a live DJ, and of course the awesome view! The cocktail menu has a few signature drinks including their Black Dragon Tea (vodka, oolong tea, and spiced kalamansi) and their East India (gin, Pimm's, lemongrass, cucumber, and lime). However, I was really into the Dragon Fruit Sangria. The West Terrace is smaller and separate from the rest of the lounge, so if you are  thinking of having a party or happy hour, I recommend this area. If you’re in a rush or going for a quick drink – this may not be the place to go. It tends to get busier as the night goes on and the staff took a long time to bring us our check. We were happy to spend more time there, but be sure to keep that in mind!

Pure Leaf Pop Up: Pure Leaf (about a 15 minute walk from The Crown Rooftop) is inviting guests to its first ever Tea House in New York – located right here in Soho! It’s only open for a limited time (through September 24th) at 79 Greene Street, so make sure to get there soon! The Pure Leaf Tea House offers a variation of real brewed artisanal Pure Leaf teas created before your eyes by the expert mixologists behind the bar. Some teas even come with a complimentary food pairing such as the Popcorn Tea, paired with a sweet and salty Matcha-sprinkled popcorn! If you like iced tea, definitely check this space out. Once you pick your tea, watch the bartender blend it in front of you, and then stay to hang out in the soothing and calming indoor space. These vibes are nice after your rooftop party experience! The Iced Berry Hibiscus with edible flowers was definitely the winner – it was beautiful but also refreshing and tasty on a hot day!

Saturday Night:

Seamores: Seamores has been on my list of dinner restaurants for a while! Owned by Michael Chernow, who also started the popular chain The Meatball Shop, Seamores definitely lived up to the hype. I would try to book a table far in advance if you know the night you want to go, but they do take reservations on the RESY app. Unfortunately, you can’t request outdoor seating in your reservation, but they will happily accommodate your request to sit outside if there’s room when you arrive. I loved sitting outside (because it’s summer!) but also because the #LoveWall (on lots of murals around the city) is painted on the outside of the restaurant and is surrounded by their signature black and white beach umbrellas. I could talk about every dish we ordered, because they are all equally delicious, but I did have some top choices. You MUST start off with their guacamole appetizer! The guacamole isn’t spicy at all, but still has a ton of rich flavor. The Kale & Avocado Salad is also a top contender because it was delicious, fresh, and had this amazing apple honey vinaigrette dressing mixed in. They are most well known for their fish dishes and fish tacos, (which change based on what’s available locally that day) made-to-order with a choice of sauces and served under grains and greens. We have a special dessert adventure below, but Seamores does serve Odd Fellows soft serve (a great ice cream brand featured in our newsletter before!) with rotating flavors as well. Overall, this restaurant had great food, a great ambience, and wonderful service that made for a really enjoyable night!

Frozen Sweet: Frozen Sweet is a tiny Thai ice cream shop (about a 1 minute walk from Seamores’ Broome Street Location) that serves their fresh made-to-order ice cream rolls. You get to pick your base and UNLIMITED toppings while they create and roll your ice cream flavor in front of you. I got raspberry, chocolate chips, and a vanilla base; a great combo of fruity and sweet! Bonus? Each ice cream comes with the cutest little Panda Oreo cookie that is not only yummy but also SO adorable. It definitely will make your Instagram Followers want to shoot you a major like!


Flex Mussels: Flex Mussels, as you may assume from the title, serves up dozens of variations of mussels and shellfish dishes at their Upper East Side and Union Square locations. However, what I find to be their best-kept secret is their brunch! They have everything from egg dishes to your typical French toast and pancakes, which you probably wouldn’t expect from a mussels themed restaurant. You MUST order the Everything Bagel Donuts! I would recommend the Everything Donuts sampler, which includes 4 donuts filled with different types of cream cheeses: scallion, jalapeno cheddar, maple bacon, and smoked salmon. These definitely taste more like a donut than a bagel, but they’re fluffy, airy, and just the right consistency to start off your meal. Flex those brunch mussels because you are in for a real treat!

Gagosian Gallery: Gagosian Gallery, located at 555 West 24th Street, is about a 20-minute walk from the Flex Mussels’ Union Square location. Their latest exhibit featuring Artist Carsten Holler is called “REASON” and is on display from June 20th –August 11th. When you walk in, you will immediately notice giant mushrooms, mirrored revolving doors, abstract paintings, and giant dice, which are just some of the fantastical elements presented around the room. Holler specializes in creating abstract playgrounds for adults, which this totally was (alongside a great photo opportunity!).

As always, feedback on our plans is welcomed AND encouraged. If you have been to any of these places and agree, disagree, or just want to share please e-mail yourweekendplans@gmail.com. We would love to hear your opinions! 





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