August 3-6

#YourWeekendPlans here! Let’s see what we have planned for you. 

(Summer) Friday:

Kellogg’s NYC: Kellogg’s is one of the most recognizable cereal brands in the world, and for me at least, reminds me a lot of my childhood! Waking up before school and having a bowl of Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch while reading the crossword puzzles or riddles on the back of the box was a serious part of my daily routine. Now you can revisit your childhood any time you want because there is a whole restaurant in Times Square dedicated to all Kellogg’s cereal creations! They have a full menu with different cereal combinations that even include toppings such as marshmallows and pop tarts! This is the perfect place to relive your younger years. The entire store is decked out with Kellogg characters and bright red lockers, and every meal comes with a cool vintage toy! Stop in for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner – because cereal is the best substitute for any meal!

TodayTix: Today we are sharing some of our professional Broadway knowledge with everyone! Even though the summer is great for going to the beach and being outdoors, it’s also a great time to see Broadway shows! With fewer New Yorkers around on the weekends, there are way more tickets available. They may even be a little cheaper too! Plus, any of these theaters will only be about a 10 or 15 minute walk from Kellogg’s NYC. Other than entering the Broadway lotteries, the best way (in my opinion) to get tickets is by using the app TodayTix. Here you’ll find a selection of discounted tickets for tons of Broadway shows currently playing. The app curates tickets from people who’ve cancelled last minute, so you can only buy tickets the day of or week of your desired date. However, this makes the activity fun, spontaneous, and a last minute decision that your credit card bill will not make you regret! I find I get the best deals with the best seats on newer, maybe less known shows such as War Paint, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Band Stand (all great musicals!). The more popular shows will always be hard to see (can’t recommend Dear Evan Hansen enough) but worth checking on the app consistently anyways! 

Saturday Day: 

The Plaza Food Hall: I wanted to give you a fun, cool lunch option while you're in the Central Park area getting your tickets for your show tonight: coming up later in Your Weekend Plan! The Plaza Food Hall is about a 2-minute walk from the 60th st and 5th Avenue Central Park entrance. It’s another great New York City food hall with so many different vendors and plenty of seating areas so you can take your food to stay or to go! Food items are available ranging from any price point and the space is absolutely beautiful. There are tons of stands I’m a fan of, so I will just list my favorites! To start, Tartinery is a perfect option that offers simple and delicious French inspired dishes. They make everything from avocado toast to more elaborate sandwiches. My favorite is their butternut squash soup! I love ordering at the counter because they prep everything right before your eyes in their open kitchen. Another great food option is Ora di Pasta, which provides traditional fresh pasta dishes. I like it here because you can customize your pasta dish with whatever pasta shapes, proteins, cheeses, and sauces you can imagine! Now that you’ve had your main meal, it’s time to explore the food hall to pick up a delicious dessert. I would go to either Doughnuttery (amazing little fried doughnuts with big flavor) or Lady M cakes (hand made thin layered cakes). At Lady M, I suggest trying the layered matcha cake. It's thin, light, airy, and tastes like a sweeter version of regular matcha! If you are looking for an even more gourmet experience or a sit-down meal, The Todd English Food Hall is right next-door. It’s inspired by European food halls and serves every kind of food you can possibly think of on their extensive menu from handmade pastas to fresh sushi, all made in house! You really cannot go wrong with either!

Saturday Night:

Shakespeare In Central Park: In July, the Delacorte Theater (an 1,800-seat open-air theater located in Central Park) transforms into an enchanted forest for Shakespeare’s beloved comedy, A Mid Summer Night’s Dream. The plot, in short, finds young lovers lost in the woods mysteriously finding themselves infatuated with the wrong person in this hilarious fairy tale that proves the course of true love never does run smoothly.  The production runs 2 ½ hours and includes a 20-minute intermission. FREE tickets are distributed at 12pm on each performance day at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, so plan your lunch above accordingly! Also, it is important to note that each person can only receive up to 2 tickets, so this can be the perfect date night! I would try to get there as early as you can so you can secure this special (summer only!) night activity.


Butter Lane Baking Class: Butter Lane Cupcakes are so delicious and their bake shop is located right in the East Village. They are some of my favorites to pick up for a party or to bring for someone’s birthday at work! The cupcakes are really creamy and the frosting combinations are simple so it’s not too overwhelming. In the back of their teeny tiny store, you can also sign up for a cupcake making class and see how they get the consistency, flavor, and taste of these special treats! I liked this class in particular because you actually got to make everything from scratch. Sometimes in cooking or baking classes, to make sure there’s enough time, the staff prepares some of the ingredients for you or pre-bakes certain parts to make it easier. We got to make and bake our banana-based cupcakes, make the frosting, frost our cupcakes, and we even had time to try a bite. Since I went with my friend as a birthday present (a perfect gift for someone who loves dessert or trying new things!) they even sang “Happy Birthday” and put a candle in my finished product as a nice surprise! The entire staff was super friendly, making this a great experience! I even enhanced my skills in the kitchen! The best part is you take home 6 of your very own cupcakes and some of Butter Lane’s recipes! They offer the classes pretty frequently and usually have 2 time slots to choose from on Sundays: noon and 3pm. Hurry up and sign up today! 

Sunday Night: 

North Brooklyn Farms: North Brooklyn Farms is a sustainably grown produce farm located under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn. Views of the Williamsburg Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the Manhattan skyline serve as a backdrop for weekly farm stands, farm-to-table dinners, community volunteer days, musical performances, and other public and private events. Our recommendation on visiting this farm is for their Sunday Supper dinner series! While the sun sets over the Williamsburg Bridge, a three-course farm-to-table meal is served to you on long wooden picnic tables. The dinner options are always changing but focus on the freshest produce of the season. Everything that is served is vegetarian and vegan friendly. I will admit, some of the dishes did seem a little too interesting at first, since they believe in root-to-leaf dining - meaning they use every part of the vegetable. However, everything tasted delicious and I couldn’t help but be in love with the perfect skyline accompanied by the strings of tea lights and Tom Fruin’s multi-color stained glass house that sits beside you. Tickets are $100 (sold on Eventbrite) and must be purchased in advance to attend this highly recommended dinner!

As always, feedback on our plans is welcomed AND encouraged. If you have been to any of these places and agree, disagree, or just want to share please e-mail We would love to hear your opinions!





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