October 12-15

Friday Night:

BREATHE Salt Rooms: BREATHE Salt Rooms, located in Midtown, is a new and great way to relax after your long week! The all-pink salt rooms have amazing health benefits such as cleansing your lungs, improving your skin, and achieving natural symptom relief from just about anything! They offer single sessions, where you lay down and embrace the environment around you for about 25 minutes, however, I recommend taking one of the wellness classes instead. In addition to the above, they have yoga, meditation, and more. Most classes are offered in the evening and take place in the pink salt room as well, so not only are you taking a class, but you’re experiencing the healing benefits of Dry Salt Therapy at the same time! All of this healing and wellness care is going to make you hungry! Everyone thinks Midtown East and Murray Hill are not home to any good restaurants, however, one of my favorites is just around the corner!

Ruby’s: Ruby’s (about a 6 minute walk from BREATHE) is the perfect place to continue your wellness night if you are seeking a healthy and simple dinner option. Ruby’s first location is in Soho, but they’ve opened another location in Midtown, making for some very happy customers! Originally, they were most well known for their array of juices on the menu, but their food is delicious as well. The homemade basil lemonade is delicious, but they also have pineapple, cucumber, and watermelon drinks to try. The kale salad with goji, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, pecorino, and breadcrumbs is my go-to here! It’s a great combination of flavors and always super filling. One of the best parts about Ruby’s is the price point. All of the dishes are great quality and mostly under $20. They do not take reservations, but we’ve never waited more than 20 minutes for a table. It always looks like there’s a large crowd waiting, but they do move people in and out pretty efficiently!  


Chalk Point Kitchen: Chalk Point Kitchen, located on the edge of Soho is a great farm-to-table brunch spot. I’ve been here for their popular weekend brunch and the restaurant is always packed! Pro Tip: You can most likely get a reservation on OpenTable to avoid a wait! Let's start off with the drinks: if you're looking for a great Bloody Mary, look no further! They make them super strong with fresh, homemade tomato juice along with all the usual ingredients and a slight twist. Forget the average celery stalk; here they add a shrimp cocktail to each glass! As far as other drinks go, there's a long list of unique cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks such as their own house kombucha. Our favorite dish was the delicious avocado hash, which comes with sunny-side-up eggs, large chunks of avocado, potatoes, and caramelized onions. It's a lively atmosphere and the decor looks like you just stepped into an Anthropologie showroom, making this a great spot for your weekend brunch! 

Jae NYC Eats: Jae NYC Eats is a Queens based bakery that is opening their New York City location this weekend in Chinatown (about a 16 minute walk from Chalk Point Kitchen)! They are best known for their unique, homemade, and artisanal Twinkie-inspired desserts called “Cakies”. However, to celebrate their grand opening, this Saturday, they are combing two of the prettiest (and tastiest) desserts you’ve ever seen! The debut of the “Unicorn Poop” is here! Interesting name? Wait until you hear what’s inside! Imagine Ube (purple sweet potato) bread pudding with a Stache Of Goods custom decorated unicorn macaroon on top. The entire dessert has every color in the rainbow, making it literally look like a Unicorn exploded all over your plate and Instagram feed. This tasty dessert is BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE all weekend long! Go grab your friends and be there at 2pm so you can be one of the first in line to try the latest trendy creation!

Saturday Night:

Taste Buds Kitchen: Taste Buds Kitchen, located in Chelsea, is a full service kitchen with an array of children and family cooking workshops by day, and BYOB adult cooking workshops at night. This is the perfect date, birthday gift, or activity for a group of friends on a Saturday night, especially because it’s all BYOB – so grab your favorite bottle (or bottles!) of wine from the fridge and bring out your inner chef! Head to their website for class options and schedules; they have everything from a Pizza Party, to Steakhouse Night, to a Mexican Fiesta! In each class, you’ll whip up 3 to 4 tasty recipes in groups of 4 to 5 people per table. They tell you exactly what you are going to make, so there are no surprises! Personally, we chose the Sushi and Dumplings class. The art of sushi making definitely looks easier than it is, but by the end of the evening you’ll be rolling the seaweed like a pro! In this class, we learned the basics of creating fresh and delicious Uramaki, Maki, and Temaki rolls, and prepared dumplings with (amazing!!) honey-soy dipping sauce. It’s important to note, the sushi class highlights veggies and does not use raw fish, which honestly makes it easier to work with and still tastes delicious! The staff was great, making it a really fun and light experience, while still putting emphasis on the actual techniques of sushi preparation. They are eager to help you learn and make sure to not make fun of your skills (or lack of, since there will be some alcohol in your system!), which we really appreciated!


House of Small Wonders: House of Small Wonders is like dining in a real-life tree house, so that’s the first reason to visit this spot! There's an actual tree in the middle of the room and plants growing all over the entire restaurant, providing really adorable scenery. The menu is described as part European and part Japanese. It’s tucked away on N 6th St in Brooklyn, and purposefully a little challenging to find, which adds to the adorable charm, but just look out for the exterior wood paneling as you pass by. The menu includes everything from mozzarella and tomato sandwiches, to french toast, to veggie rice bowls! It’s a great way to start the day off in one of our favorite neighborhoods.

Sabon: For everyone who likes all-natural body products and incredible smelling scents, this activity is for you! Sabon, an Israeli based soap boutique, has found a new home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (about a 4-minute walk from brunch). Sabon has become a household name, with several locations throughout Manhattan, and now Brooklyn finally get’s its own! The staff really makes your entire experience here special from start to finish! As soon as you enter, guests take part in a Sabon tradition, which includes hand-washing in their signature well with a Dead Sea salt body scrub of choice. You are then educated on the boutique’s different popular soaps and scrubs, all according to your skin type and preferences. To make this particular boutique unique, Sabon added a DIY soap making station. At this station, you are allowed to pick out the fragrance, mold, and size of soap you want. A shop employee will then make it for you on-site! While soaps are Sabon’s specialty, the shop also offers a selection of scented body lotions, scrubs, and bath bombs (which I always end up buying as well). Head over to make your custom creation, as it makes the perfect gift or a treat for yourself to send away those Sunday scaries!

The End Brooklyn: The End (about an 11 minute walk from Sabon) is a plant based coffee and juice shop. They say, “we love coffee, but our drinks offered give you an energizing alternative for when you want a boost of plant power”. They mix super foods, herbs, roots, and spices from ancient wisdom and traditional cultures, with non-dairy milks and cold-pressed juices from Montauk Juice Factory. As you may recognize from the name, The End was inspired by Montauk, Long Island, but located in the heart of Williamsburg. From magical drinks, to holistic apothecary, The End Brooklyn provides a great escape from the bustling streets of New York. They are probably most well known for their Unicorn Latte, which is what we tried as soon as we arrived. Besides being pretty, bright, and photogenic, it is also very healthy for you. The bright colors are non-artificial and come from Blue Algae and Turmeric, which are natural spices. The latte is definitely on the sweeter side, but does not have a lot of sugar, making it a great choice! After all, how could we say anything bad about a unicorn drink?!





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