October 19-22

Friday Night:

Cecconi’s: Cecconi's, a modern Italian restaurant, is such a great addition to the many amazing spots we recently discovered in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Usually you’d have to shell out a ton of money on a mediocre tourist attraction to get this gorgeous view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline; however, we are here to tell you this is no longer the case! Cecconi’s combines a gorgeous, old-school glamour decor with reasonably priced food compared to other “fancier” dining experiences. They have a pretty extensive menu for lunch and dinner, which they call their “all day menu”, and we loved everything we ordered. As soon as you sit down, they bring you a glass filled with homemade breadsticks that were really delicious! Pro Tip: They also bring you their specialty bread a little later on, so don’t fill up on the breadsticks like I did! The staff is so polite and friendly, and even though it’s a huge space, your server will come over every few minutes to make sure everything is to your liking. Our favorite part of the meal was the wood oven grilled pizzas. We got 2 different kinds: 1 plain, and 1 sopressata. They were both thin, crispy, and super tasty. Pro Tip #2: The pizzas come from a separate kitchen, so they arrive whenever they are ready and not timed with your meal. If you want to order this specifically as your main course or appetizer, make sure to let your server know in advance. Overall, you seriously cannot beat the ambiance of Cecconi’s (be sure to check out the outside at some point during your meal), which will definitely have us coming back as soon as possible!

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory: Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (about a 4 minute walk from dinner) is a tiny ice cream shop that I had been wanting to try for a while now! It’s located in an adorable little shed underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and adjacent to the Pier, serving up about 5-6 flavors of ice cream! I should mention that all of their ice cream and delicious hot fudge is freshly made on-site. Don’t let the simple flavors deter you, as their menu pretty much just includes chocolate, vanilla, and both flavors mixed with chocolate chunks! Sometimes going back to the basics is just what you need! The ice cream is old-fashioned, which means it made with less fat than most, and made completely without eggs. In addition, no preservatives are used and you can definitely tell after that first bite! I got 1 scoop of the chocolate chunk (which was really like 2 scoops!) and it tasted creamy and super decadent. I am so glad I saved room for a trip here after dinner because it was so worth it!!

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge: 1 Hotel (at Brooklyn Bridge) is about a 2-minute walk from your ice cream treat. It’s a fairly new hotel that’s very modern and really beautiful from the outside. Walk over and head to their rooftop while the weather’s still warm and grab some drinks. As you know, we like to check off all the boxes when out on the town, including dinner, dessert, and drinks! There is a bouncer standing at the entrance who let us in immediately and even had someone direct us from the entrance, to the elevator, right to the bar area! As soon as you get to the top, behold the amazing unobstructed views of the bridges, the East River, the skyline, and even the streets below! It was a complete 360 degree view that I haven’t found at other places. The best part was that you could truly experience the scenery because the bar itself was not too crowded or overpacked. It was totally spacious for the amount of people that were there on a Saturday night. What really surprised me was how chill the environment was! A trendy hotel usually charges a cover or mandates a dress code, but here, that wasn’t the case at all. No one was pretentious and there was a diverse crowd, which all added to the very casual and nice atmosphere. It was the best way to end the night in one of our new favorite neighborhoods!


Royal Palms Shuffleboard: Royal Palms is a great place to check out with a group of friends on a rainy or cold day and winter is just around the corner! It's mainly a large game room and bar with giant shuffleboard courts. This is inspired by the “older” Florida shuffleboard culture, but the Brooklyn owners have given it a new twist. Amongst the flamingo wallpaper, you can get a table in a cabana or just take over an area with high top tables and chairs, and then pick how many rounds of shuffleboard you want to play! It’s inexpensive, so you may want to test your luck and do a couple of rounds since the line can build up as the day goes on. The drinks are good too, and they serve most of these fun cocktails in photogenic mason jars. They also have a variety of rotating food trucks; so don’t worry about having to venture out for lunch or a snack! What I really love about this spot is that you have so many options in terms of activities. In addition to shuffleboard, they also have Connect Four, life size Jenga, board games, Cards Against Humanity, a DIY accessorized photo booth in the back, and more! If you’re ready to head out, don’t forget about Ample Hills, one of our favorite life changing ice cream joints that’s literally right next door! We have included them in a past plan, but if you can’t decide on a flavor (like we usually can’t), get their mini flight, which includes 6 smaller scoops in a mini muffin tin for you and everyone to try!

Saturday Night:

Sugarfish Take Out: Sugarfish, located in Flatiron, is known as a higher end sushi chain in California that has the best and most amazing quality fish, at a reasonable cost. When word spread it was opening on the east coast, New Yorkers went wild! So, I naturally went to experience this place for myself. As soon as I got there, I saw a line out the door (on a Monday around 6pm). I soon realized that the line was only to put my name down on another waiting list, not even to be seated in the restaurant! I was told the wait was going to be 3 hours, but put my name down anyway just in case! Sadly, they were telling the truth. Naturally, I had to eat somewhere else (we were starving!) and finally got my text that my table was ready at around 10:30pm. Although disappointing, it got us thinking of another option. The best way to avoid the wait, but still enjoy the Sugarfish experience is simply to take it to-go! They serve a similar menu (we recommend ordering one of the “Trust Me’s”), in a cute little box with all of the sauces and accompaniments for each fish-instructions included! Now you can enjoy their amazingly delicious sushi in the comfort of your own living room! Another plus, since Sugarfish serves their menu in courses, takeout allows you to eat whatever you want, in the order you want! We can’t think of anything much better than that!


Sweets by CHLOE: Let’s start off with explaining that by CHLOE is a vegan, to-go style restaurant that has expanded to many locations all over New York City (and Los Angeles!). They now are ready to conquer the coffee shop world, by opening a coffee and dessert shop next to their West Village location. It will immediately catch your eye because of the hot pink, glowing neon sign by the entrance. Here you will find delicious morning pastries including their pumpkin cinnamon roll, matcha blueberry muffin, and much more! They have coffee and tea to accompany your Sunday breakfast, or different flavored almond milks including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla! I’d definitely grab their signature cinnamon espresso chocolate chip cookie that’s actually bigger than my head to-go for later! It’s super thin though, and all vegan, which means it’s totally healthy, right?

Artists & Fleas Soho: Artists & Fleas Soho (about a 10-minute walk from by CHLOE) is a market that is uniquely curated with new emerging artists and merchants for you to explore and discover. It is actually very similar to the one we mentioned in Chelsea Market a couple of plans ago! You definitely need to stop by at some point this weekend because Artists & Fleas and The Confetti Project have teamed up for a pop-up event to commemorate the fall season at their new space in downtown Manhattan! While we all know confetti is fun, the creator behind The Confetti Project is going a little bit deeper and wants to know: What do you celebrate in your life? This exclusive event is open this Friday to Sunday with an interactive confetti installation (that's Instagram friendly of course) and confetti swag. During a three-hour block each day, it's time to explore what you celebrate through a brief Q&A followed by a series of photos taken as you douse, jump, and lay in bundles of multi-colored confetti. Be sure to snag your tickets for the limited professional confetti photo shoot time slots or just come by and explore their other confetti booth at any time for free! There’s also a place to write down what you personally celebrate – you better believe we wrote down “our loyal @yourweekendplans followers”!





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