November 2-5

Friday Night: 

Martina: It’s time we introduce to you the Shake Shack of pizza! That sentence made this recommendation sound great already, but just imagine swapping out burgers and shakes for super thin-crust pies and beer or wine! Martina is a new spot located in the East Village, and brought to us by the famous Danny Meyer/Union Square Hospitality Group. I came here with a group of girlfriends to check it out and was not disappointed. We encountered a short line around 730pm on a weekday, but it moved quickly. We ordered the margarita, funghi, and brussel sprout cacio e pepe pies to stay. Just to note, the seating is first come first served, but there was still ample seating available at both long tables and bar stools. The crust on each of the pizzas was almost impossibly thin, which was one of my favorite parts! As a result, we ended up having about 4 slices each, so when they say they are “personal pies” – believe them! All the pizzas were great, but the brussel sprout one really stood out to us. It was so delicious with the well-done brussel sprouts and had just the right amount of cheese and pepper on top. One of the other best parts? All pies are under $12, so you won’t break the bank by dining here! Another great aspect is that you can order your dessert at the same time as your food, and then pick it up later whenever you're ready. Their vanilla gelato soft serve is excellent. Just make sure to hold onto your card to specify what toppings you’d like and bring it to the counter. The affogato is a great choice if you want a shot of caffeine, but we decided on the soft serve so we could go wild adding lots of toppings including dark chocolate sauce, olive oil, sea salt, hazelnuts, and sprinkles! We loved the casual feel, excellent food and service, and would definitely come back in a heartbeat. 

Saturday Day:

Little Owl: Fun fact about the @yourweekendplans team: We are HUGE Friends fans! I am pretty sure we have watched every season at least 10 times over thanks to the beauty of Netflix. So, as you can imagine, we’ve made a trip (or 2!) to Little Owl, which is located on the bottom floor of the famously filmed facade of the infamous Monica’s apartment building on the corner of Grove and Bedford. Of course Friends was filmed on a set, but this is where her apartment would have been! It’s definitely an exciting place to visit and take photos for any fellow Friends fan. The atmosphere of the actual restaurant is warm, cozy, and friendly (almost like I always imagined Central Perk would be. I promise I’ll stop now!). It’s the perfect place to make a reservation as the weather drops because it’s the quintessential place to warm up on a late Saturday morning. For this plan, we recommend you try out their brunch. It’s probably best to book a table ahead of time because the entire space probably fits 30 people or less! One of my favorite items to order here are their whole-wheat pancakes, which are super filling and taste great. Also, any restaurant that has half an avocado available as a side, is a place for us!

Sweet Time Dessert Cafe: Sweet Time Dessert Café (about a 5 minute walk from Little Owl) has been on my list ever since I saw photos of the insane flower wall and neon sign all over Instagram. Get ready to be amazed by not only the flower wall but the full cherry blossom tree smack in the middle of the cafe, all pink décor, and giant teddy bear plush in the corner!  It’s solely a place for dessert and some sugary teas, so make sure to bring your sweet tooth upon entering. The dessert chef created all of the items with an Asian twist, so all options are really unique. The staff was very friendly, attentive, and patient while describing each item (since we had to inquire for everyone!). Also, they were totally happy with people taking pictures all around the store (as I did – posts here) because it’s too pretty not to! The Sweet Time Signature Treat is definitely the way to go! How could we say no to a pink heart-shape dessert while surrounded by all of this light pink decor? It’s basically a fluffy cake filled with white chocolate and is super smooth and creamy. Since they opened pretty recently, they will be adding new menu items each week, so be sure to check out their social media platforms and visit soon!

Google Pop Up Store: Are you interested in Google’s latest product line, just want to play with their awesome technology, or take some cool photos with Instagrammable backgrounds? Lucky for you, Google has opened up a cool new pop-up show right here in NYC! The store is located in Flatiron at 110 Fifth Avenue (about a 15 minute walk from Sweet Time Dessert) and will be open from 10am-8pm every day through the holidays! Get ready to test (and even buy!) some fun products that just hit the market like the Google Pixel 2, the Daydream View virtual reality headset, the Google Home Mini, and much more. 

Saturday Night:

Patrizia's Brooklyn: Patrizia's Brooklyn should become your go-to place for any and all upcoming celebrations! Before I begin, I just have to give a shout out to my Editor-In-Chief for discovering this place and having her birthday party here a couple of weeks ago! Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (make sure not to confuse it with the one in Manhattan – totally different experience!), it's the perfect place to go with large groups! The food was great, the atmosphere was the most fun, and you cannot beat the family style option, which includes unlimited beer, wine, and sangria for $50 a person. Not only is it worth every penny, it's a complete tasting menu, so you get a little bit of everything they offer without having to collectively decide as a group. Don’t worry about them not serving something you like, because they bring out so many variations of Italian dishes that there is something for everyone! If we listed all the food that we received you would eventually stop reading, but some of the main highlights were the burrata appetizer, the margarita pizza, eggplant parmesan, baked clams, grilled octopus and cheesy stuffed pasta with mushrooms in a creamy vodka sauce! All the food is excellent, but the best part is the giant dance party that happens around you the entire night. Pretty much everyone in the restaurant is celebrating SOMETHING, so be prepared for multiple sing-alongs with napkins flying in the air and waiters cheering around you! If you come on a particularly wild night (like a Saturday) people are non-stop clapping and dancing throughout the whole meal. In the background, expect the best selection of music including 90’s hits, movie soundtracks and the ultimate pump-up tunes! The restaurant is always packed (there were crowds of people waiting outside!), but they do accept reservations ahead of time. You will probably still have to wait for your table, even if you have a reservation, but have no fear, there are bottles of wine and pitchers of beer right at the hostess stand so you can fill up a cup and start the party early while you wait! Just be sure to allot for some extra time if you’re planning on going out afterwards! Look out for the #YWP team dancing on the tables nearby at your next event because we are sure to be back soon!


Supermoon Bakehouse: Supermoon Bakehouse opening on the Lower East Side is some pretty exciting news for us New Yorkers! Ever since seeing and reading about Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco all over the internet, I considered booking a flight to get my hands on one of their delectable pastries. However, lucky for us, the cofounder of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has decided to open up Supermoon right in our neck of the woods, so we no longer have to go to the west coast! The whole atmosphere is very holographic and space-like, with silver boxes all lined up against the wall and a hot pink neon sign in the center of the seating area. It's pretty small inside, but just enough room that if you sit down you won’t feel claustrophobic at all. They display the actual pastries with labels on a giant marble slab as soon as you enter! There is no description of the pasties though, so don’t be shy to ask, but luckily the @yourweekendplans team has tried out lots of options for you! We loved the NYC croissant, which has actual pieces of lox inside and chive cream cheese. Not only is the filling ideal, but their croissants also are very high quality, so flaky, and taste so delicious! We also loved the apple pie cruffin, a cross between a croissant and a muffin (say hello to the new cronut!). This one had pieces of apple inside which we liked, and it wasn't too creamy when you got to the center! If you get less than a certain amount of pastries, note that you will not get the highly photographed “Bite Me NYC” boxes. Instead your pastries will be placed in holographic bags, which we thought were just as cool. When they first opened, everything was selling out super early in the morning, but now they tend to have more options as the day goes on. It’s the perfect spot to grab a pastry and coffee before you start the rest of your Sunday!

Milly Pop Up Shop: New York Fashion Week may be long gone, but one of our favorite brands, Milly, is keeping a presence in Soho at 158 Mercer until the New Year (just a 15 minute walk from Supermoon Bakehouse). Their recent pop-up shop showcases the Spring 2018 collection, ready-to-wear items, Milly Cabana, Milly Mini’s, and limited edition t-shirt collaborations. Pop-up shops continue to “pop up” (pun intended) because they keep consumers like us engaged, especially when they incorporate features we love such as interactive in-store rainbow art, music, and tech programming!





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