November 16-19

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving to our #YWP family! There won't have a newsletter next Thursday (Turkey Day!) so we wanted to say Happy Holidays in advance. We are so thankful for everyone who follows, reads, and subscribes to our plans as we work to make your weekends even better! 

Friday Night: 

The Clocktower: Get ready to travel back in time and head to dinner and drinks in what seems like a 1900s gentleman's club. The Clocktower restaurant features a great menu, a stocked bar, a pool table, and a super warm, yet dressy atmosphere. The walls are filled with black and white portraits of celebrities and bright blue chairs with dim lighting. On your way up to the restaurant (it’s on the second floor!) you’ll walk up a carefully lit winding staircase. Not only does it add to the mood, but also once you get to the top, look down and get a great Instagram photo! Now, let’s talk about the bread they serve at the beginning of your meal. It's completely complimentary and served piping hot! I may even say this is probably one of the best loaves of bread in all of New York City! It’s chewy and doughy, yet super flavorful. I would come back just for this bread, no joke!  However, I will let you know some of the other delicious dishes we tried. To start, the Japanese eggplant appetizer and Heirloom tomato salad were both very good. The tomatoes were perfectly ripe and sweet, and I loved the crunch of the sliced cucumbers. The salad was topped with lemon, which added sourness but also some sweetness to the overall light and refreshing appetizer! The Clocktower is technically described as British cuisine, but the entrees far surpass the classic fish and chips, since there are a wide selection of carefully thought out fish, chicken, and steak options to try. The Clocktower is wonderful for a special occasion because the staff is so attentive, welcoming, and makes sure you enjoy every bite of your meal. Make sure to wander through all the rooms and check out the purple billiard room before heading out to the next stop!

I Cannoli di Eataly: Eataly (featured in our past plans before) is the best Italian food market about a 3-minute walk from The Clocktower. Just last month, the Flatiron location officially added a brand-new counter named I Cannoli di Eataly. We hope you saved room for dessert because homemade cannolis are about to be assembled directly in front of you and they taste like they’re straight out of Italy! What could be better than that? Well, you can even customize the infamous Sicilian dessert with your favorite flavors. Choose from 2 different shells (traditional and chocolate-covered), 10 sweet ricotta fillings, and 17 different toppings like espresso flakes and candied orange. We did the math for you and that adds up to about 340 different cannoli options for you to try! If you come here and love the combo that you make, be sure to tag @yourweekendplans so we can share all of your tasty creations! The best way to try as many flavors as possible (in our opinion) was by taste-testing their mini cannoli flights that come with 7 custom samples. If you have time and want to stay and dine at the counter for a little bit, also make sure to ask about their dessert wine pairings that they have readily available upon request. If all that’s not enough cannoli goodness for you, you can also bring home their brand new DIY cannoli-making kit and continue the fun right at home! Remember, try as many as you want because you cannoli live once

Saturday Day:

Louis Vuitton Exhibit: Louis Vuitton, one of the most well known designers of all time, has put together a free exhibit downtown on Wall Street. Usually when a brand does a pop-up shop, I never know what to expect because it looks great on social media, but then turns out to be small and uninteresting. I would have to say the complete opposite here! The museum showcases how Louis Vuitton became the empire we see today in chronological order. There are so many rooms to walk around and it's so fun to learn about his founding days, his lineage, and how the iconic bag we love started from exclusively making travel trunks. As you continue through the different rooms, you’ll see the collaborations LV has done with various artists, LV dresses made for special events, and other beautiful designs, artwork, and displays. At the end, you can even see their staff make handles, tags, and you’ll receive your very own Louis Vuitton New York City pin! There is also a gift shop, which mostly consists of incredible coffee table books and some perfumes to try! I was so impressed the way everything was curated, as it was appealing to the eye, photogenic, and also enjoyable to walk through. If you have any questions make sure to ask the staff around you as everyone running the exhibit was so knowledgeable and really friendly! Even though it’s free, I would reserve a time online beforehand because during the prime time weekend slots there are long waits to get inside!

Pier A Harbor House: Pier A Harbor House (about a 9-minute walk from the gallery) is a great spot located right on the water. It is especially great for large groups during the warmer weather (so keep this on your summer hit list as well). The inside structure (which still has big windows to enjoy the view) is a perfect place to head over to after the exhibit and grab a snack or drinks with your friends! I will say it’s a little confusing when you walk in, but pro tip:  you just seat yourself at any table that is available! There are tons of beers on tap, which we would stick to, along with the classic cocktails and basic snacks (don’t try to get too fancy here!). They have an especially great happy hour deal if you time it correctly, in which you can get $1 oysters plus a sunset view!

Saturday Night: 

While We Were Young: While We Are Young, let's make sure to always explore new places! If you are into restaurants that have a super cute decor, then this is a place for you! It’s actually a great place to do a girls night out, except we must note that it is very tiny! It’s not great for a big party or if you’re looking to sprawl out because this is a quintessential “West Village nook”. Every plate and drink we got was decorated so beautifully. They are definitely all about presentation here. Their signature drink is sweet and citrusy, and it was decorated with beautiful dried rosebuds on top. We saw even more elaborate drinks go by, so there are plenty of options. We ordered a few plates to get the full feel of the menu and were totally stuffed by the end. We had salmon, kale salad, truffle fries, and the burrata to start. Everything was simple, but delicious! You’ll want to take a picture of this place, so make sure you do before you leave! Between the cursive neon sign, the pink velour, and the baby blue bar stools, you’ll have plenty of photo options!


Nickel & Diner: I am definitely catching on to a new trend here in the city, and it’s retro diners turning out “fancier” brunch food like kale cashew bowls and brioche french toasts. Nickel & Diner is no exception! From the outside, it actually looks like a large place, but upon walking inside, it’s really spacious, but with limited seating. Honestly, this was fine by us since they take reservations on OpenTable and you don’t have to feel so packed inside. There are a few booths along the windows towards the back, and just opposite that is a long counter. The menu serves all your classic brunch items, but the lox plate on pumpernickel was my favorite. Others at the table really enjoyed their specialty egg sandwich. So far, you can even come without a reservation and be seated pretty quickly – but go quick before word of this great brunch spreads around the city!

Glossier Showroom: I am definitely not a makeup guru by any means, but Glossier has quickly caught my attention with their on-point brand activations. New York beauty fans are jumping for joy for the 2 new Glossier installations just 1-minute away from brunch! There are 2 separate entrances (which both have staff members dressed in red standing outside outside) upon arrival. The one on the left is for their new (but small) perfume pop-up shop! The pop-up was super quick, since you just get a personalized spray of their new glossier scent. There’s nothing in there to purchase, you just walk to 3 different stations to test out some great smelling scents; super quick but super fun! Afterwards, you can enter the building to the right and take the elevator to the penthouse for their permanent showroom. It has a light pink floor with multiple stations full of products for you to try! There's actually a form at each station for you mark down which samples you liked the best! Once you fill it out and decide which you want to purchase, bring the form to the cashier and they’ll give you your favorite items in cute packaging that comes with free stickers (adorable!).

Stax Ice Cream: Stax Ice Cream (about a 11-minute walk from Glossier) is another one of those new, amazing, and creative dessert places that constantly pop-up in the city and on @yourweekndplans! Stax stood out to me when I saw they were offering a “Cremella”, which is a pressed donut ice cream sandwich. I know that other places do offer similar donut concoctions, but the donut here was super soft (since it's pressed in a machine that basically looks like a waffle maker) and not too sweet. Their ice cream flavors also coordinate with the donut so well, since they are also a little less on the sweet side, like earl grey and strawberry cream! The staff was so friendly and made sure I tried every single flavor I was interested in (literally!) before I decided on my perfect flavor combination. I think I made the right move with the plain donut, Ube ice cream, and coconut shreds inside. The décor on the inside of the shop is clean, fresh, and has the perfect logo wall to photograph your treat before taking a bite! 





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