Nov 30-Dec 3

Friday Night:

The Meatball Shop: A friend once took me to the Meatball shop because of my love for ice cream sandwiches, pasta dishes, and of course, meatballs! However, since then I have been back SO many times for more of their fun collaborations that they constantly add to the menu! The regular menu is simple; you pick what kind of meatball you want (beef, spicy pork, chicken, veggie), choice of sauce (traditional tomato, spicy meat, special, pesto, mushroom gravy, parmesan), and a side, either under your meatballs or on the side. There are so many sides to choose from including risotto, spaghetti, greens, and seasonal roasted vegetables. Now, we know Thanksgiving was just last week, but get ready to feast your eyes on another November themed dessert. Once you’ve finished your main meal, make sure to order the special “pie’ce sandwich” which includes 2 salted honey pies (from Blackbirds) and The Meatball Shop's house made vanilla ice cream - proving to us that something could actually beat their traditional ice cream sandwiches (which we also love!). This will be at every one of their locations, but until this weekend ONLY!! We just want to add that the Hell's Kitchen location is one of their most recent, opening in March 2017, and has a small but noteworthy speakeasy in the back portion of the restaurant. What to drink here? Most go for the Blue Ivy, because how could you not order something named after the infamous Beyoncé’s daughter? It’s served in a huge “Glass Ziploc Bag” with tropical fruit, rum, Blue Hawaiian bitters, and topped off with Prosecco for a bubbly finish! That’s not all though, it’s delivered to you with funky multi-colored straws, dragon fruit, and a lime that (literally!) comes on fire, leaving us completely drunk in love with this place!


Calvin Klein X Amazon Pop-Up: It’s especially fun to write about what to do and where to go in New York City during the holidays! Between holiday shopping and decorating, this city leaves us with endless amounts of places to go during the month of December! Calvin Klein and Amazon are no exception, combining forces to help you get all of your holiday #MyCalvins needs sorted out. The 2 companies have opened a retail experience that takes place both online AND in real life! What a concept! Their pop-up is completely interactive with phone charging stations and a custom embroidery station to add a special note to any of your gifts! Honestly, the fitting room was probably our favorite part because each dressing room is complete with multi-color infinity mirrors (no need to wait 4 hours for kusama when you can just come here!) and an Amazon Alexa to personally talk you through the collection, or answer any questions about the merchandise. Even if you don’t buy anything, definitely try something on just for this awesome experience! Grab a selfie, an exclusive Calvin piece to add to your (or someone else's!) wardrobe, and then head on to your next stop! 

Flour Shop: This bakery (a 6-minute walk from the Calvin Klein X Amazon Pop-Up) is literally all sunshine and rainbows! So, if you’ve ever wanted to see what it would look like when a rainbow, a unicorn, and some bake goods exploded into a completely white room, then walk on in (with your camera in hand)! The décor honestly puts a smile on your face as soon as you enter because it’s so bright, colorful, and happy. They just opened a couple of weeks ago, so right now they are only selling cake pops, cake balls, and mini sprinkle cakes. However, due to the endless Instagram photo opportunities, they were still pretty busy for having such limited food options! The cake pop is beautifully presented (our photo here!) and is made up of mini layers of cake with cream cheese frosting in between. Each piece of cake is (obviously!) colors of the rainbow, so hold it up to any part of the store for an epic food shot. It’s definitely on the sweet side, but not too big, which made for a great treat. The mini “exploding” rainbow cakes are $30, so we recommend buying this solely for a party or to share with your family or friends! The cake is completely covered in sprinkles, and when it’s cut open, has a ton of rainbow layers, more sprinkles, and chocolate pearls pouring out like crazy! There are many more desserts launching here soon, one rumored to be a gold covered carrot cake, so we look forward to seeing what else Amirah Kassem will come up with to draw us back in! 

Saturday Night:

Bryant Park Winter Village: As the year closes, the Winter Village at Bryant Park opens and we can all rejoice about walking through Midtown with beautifully lit trees and holiday decor lining some of New York’s most famous buildings! Whether you want to shop, drink, eat, skate, or just people watch, Bryant Park gives you the ultimate taste of the holidays in New York City! This year, there are more shops than ever before (176 vendors!) and the food section in Winter Village keeps expanding! Most of the shops are temporary, selling small size gifts, vintage jewelry, collectibles, and outerwear, so it's fun to look around and find some unique items you may not find anywhere else! If you need last minute gifts for the family, this is the perfect place for you due to the various kinds of shops around the village. The food here is INSANE! It’s basically an outdoor food hall. You are bound to try something new here since there are so many food stands serving up every cuisine you can think of! Some highlights are the fried pickles, truffle cheese steaks, and fried chicken in a cone! There’s also a beautiful ice skating rink that’s completely free and open to the public! Pro Tip: the rental skate shoes will cost you money! Even if you don’t want to skate, the rink is filled with more than 100 skaters to watch while you sip on your warm hot chocolate at the sidelines! Winter Village is the perfect Saturday night spot providing you with dinner, dessert, shopping, beautiful holiday scenery, and an ice skating rink to burn off all the yummy treats!


Kirsh Bakery & Kitchen: I was so happy we were able to try Kirsh Bakery & Kitchen last weekend. As you may have read in our past plans, this spot is next door to the infamous Barney Greengrass, which is also a highly recommended @yourweekendplans brunch spot! You can make a reservation to dine at Kirsh on OpenTable, but when we first got there, there was a short wait for our table, so we went to the bakery part of the restaurant and shared a cherry ricotta danish and some iced chai lattes. The danish was really amazing! It was perfectly flaky and just buttery enough with a thin but perfectly portioned layer of cherry flavored ricotta mixed with cherry chunks. The cherry chunks came in a variety of sizes, which is nice since you get small chunks to help carry the flavor and larger chunks for some bite. It was a large enough size for breakfast as well, but we split it to get an idea of the pastries before sitting down for our main course! As soon as we sat down, we were greeted with warm red wine while we looked over the menu. We then ordered the savory lox French toast with crème fraîche & spring onion. The lox are made in house, so it’s perfectly thin and very tasty! The best part about the French toast was that it was served on challah bread, which was different than your typical French toast. The owner was extremely friendly and was even helping out in front of the open kitchen to ensure our meals were delivered efficiently. All of the tables are lined up against big bright airy windows looking out on Amsterdam Ave, which made the whole meal feel cozy and special. If you just want to grab a quick coffee or full breakfast, this is definitely the place to go before checking out our next recommendation!

The American Museum of Natural History: Way back when, everyone learns that humans have 5 senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. However, day-by-day most us forget about those senses, specifically how they work, or just how important they are to function. The American Museum of Natural History's newest exhibit (about a 12 minute walk from brunch), Our Senses: An Immersive Experience “seeks to remind us exactly what they are there to do.” As soon as you arrive at the exhibit (Pro Tip: make sure that when you buy your ticket to say you need general admission PLUS one special exhibit) you will notice funhouse-like spaces that dare all visitors to trust their senses in different settings! There are a total of 11 interactive galleries that will urge you to use different senses. One gallery even tricks the eyes into thinking you’re spinning around, but your feet really remain flat on the floor! We saw children and adults alike all enjoying each of the galleries, so this is great to go as a family or just with some friends! A bonus is that it's completely indoor and is open until Sunday, January 6th, so book your trip to The American Museum of Natural History now!





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