December 7-10

Friday Night: 

Old Rose: Old Rose is a brand new restaurant tucked away in the Jane Hotel on the west side of Manhattan. It definitely has older décor vibes mixed with a modern Italian menu. The restaurant is dimly lit which adds to the overall ambiance, but if you’re planning on taking pictures of your food, make sure you add the flash! We arrived at 7:30pm for our reservation (easy to score with OpenTable) and the place was pretty crowded for a Tuesday night! The menu is very simple, with only a few options under each category, but everything we ordered was really good! We started with their crispy rice salad and kale salad, which both got rave reviews from our group. The crispy rice had a slight kick with thin slices of jalapenos scattered throughout and also had big avocado chunks. The highlight of the kale salad was really the giant croutons. Of course, only we would order a salad and obsess over the croutons, but they were homemade and literally tasted like they were fried in garlic butter! We were super disappointed that they do not provide you with their homemade bread to start (we love carbs!) and you have to order it as an appetizer, but with all the other delicious menu items, it's really not worth the $5! For our main course we got the vodka burrata pizza, the special of the night which was their meatball pizza, a regular margarita pizza, the cacio e pepe pasta, and a pasta with red sauce and mushrooms. All was super yummy but the vodka pizza topped with burrata was definitely the star! The crust was extremely crisp and the use of burrata instead of regular mozzarella cheese gave it a creamy and indulgent taste on top of the vodka sauce. If you have ever had Rubirosa’s version, this gave it a run for its money! After a few bites, we were all smiling with delight. Due to the fact that this is a brand new eatery, they do have a few kinks to work out. The service was EXTREMELY slow, so if you’re in any sort of rush, do not choose this place to eat, at least not yet! We constantly had to ask the waiter if our food was coming out soon and remind the waiter of what we ordered (since they brought us the wrong food at first!) and it took us forever to get the check. However, with such good food and a really great atmosphere, we still think you should give this place a shot! Just make sure you have some extra time on your hands!

Saturday Day:

@yourweekendplans Window Display Guide: Tis’ the season and New York City is getting all ready for the holidays! There really is no place like it, with every tree covered in lights, giant Christmas wreaths, and of course, the gorgeous window displays. We know shopping can be a total nightmare at times, especially if your list forces you to combat the tourist-packed Fifth Avenue. However, there’s an upside to navigating these painfully busy streets at this time of year: you get to peep at the department stores’ beautifully designed, interactive, and animated window displays! Seriously, some of them are so impressive; they might be reason enough to take a Saturday stroll through midtown; and lucky for you, @yourweekendplans is giving you the full rundown! Let’s start at Bloomingdales!

Bloomingdales has partnered with the film The Greatest Showman (out on December 20th) for its displays. The windows include whimsical circus acts and mannequins sporting dazzling outfits. This even includes a funhouse mirror, a karaoke station, and branded carnival games all outside the store! If you’re feeling cold, or want midday treat, make sure to stop inside at Magnolia Bakery to try their special December flavor of their famous banana pudding: Peppermint Chocolate Banana, which is not too minty and actually really tasty! Make sure you have your walking shoes on, because it's time to cross-town on 59th street to get to Bergdorf Goodman.

Bergdorf Goodman’s display is called “To New York With Love,” and each window is modeled after 7 different iconic attractions. If you’re a true New Yorker, you can really appreciate these, as they are incredible representations of some of the best places in our city! There's everything from sparkly, Swarovski encrusted dinosaurs for the American Museum of Natural History, to bright red flashing neon signs shaped like trumpets for the New York Philharmonic. It’s really a sight to see! Once you’re done here, continue to head downtown on Fifth Avenue. On your way, take in some of the less outrageous, but equally as gorgeous windows from Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co, and Gucci stores.

Where my Disney fans at? This part’s for you! Saks Fifth Avenue, in celebration of the 80th anniversary of Disney's Snow White, transformed all 14 of its windows into scenes from our favorite childhood fairytale! Sing along with the seven dwarfs, take a photo in front of the happily ever after sign, and your tour is complete! If you’re feeling really adventurous, 1 block over is the beloved Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, but be prepared for crowds, crowds, and more crowds! Nothing says Happy Holidays like 500 people trying to get a selfie with the tree in the background for their social media platforms! Be sure to rest up from all that walking because we have a fun night scheduled for you!

Saturday Night:

Mulberry & Vine: Mulberry & Vine has just been added to our list as another awesome and healthy spot that makes eating vegetables fun, tasty, and exciting. This place is very simple, but great to know about and close to our next recommendation! There are a ton of both hot and cold vegetable options, in which you get to pick 2, and then you pick a protein to go with it! You can also do an all-vegetarian box, like we did! The vegetable options all have a twist to them, so this isn’t your basic kale with dressing on the side. We opted for the miso peanut butter cauliflower, the charred avocado filled with Greek yogurt and chia seeds, and the Sriracha honey broccoli. The whole experience is super quick to both order and receive your food, but it’s also nice enough inside to not feel like you’re at a to-go place!

Eataly Rooftop: Eataly (about a 7-minute walk from Mulberry & Vine) has jumped right from Thanksgiving and straight into the holiday season! We recommended their new cannoli bar a couple of plans ago (featured here!), but they are always surprising us with new installments on their rooftop as the seasons change. As of November, a winter wonderland has opened atop their 14th floor! Don’t worry, we’re not sending you here to freeze, as the roof is retractable and restaurant is completely decked out with Christmas trees, cozy blankets, and strings of sparkly lights! They even have heat lamps and lots of themed cocktails! BAITA (the name of the current restaurant) is the dialect word for a small ski lodge in the Italian Alps. Ergo the wooden walls and stone-slab roof that surround you while you order mulled wine or parampampoli, a traditional Italian flaming cocktail. They do serve food, but personally, we suggest just coming here for after dinner drinks!


Project by Equinox: Starting off your Sunday with a good work out class already takes away some of the Sunday scaries and gets your mind at ease with those endorphins flowing throughout your body! The gold medal of fitness studios, Equinox, has opened a new studio on Mulberry Street, and we want you to try it! Besides having great (and intense!) workout classes, this studio aims to be different by letting the instructions have complete creative liberty. “Project Equinox was specifically designed to foster instructor innovation”. That’s why if you hear the teacher change his mind mid jumping jack – he’s just doing his job! They want to see what sticks with their clients and what will have people coming back for more, even if this means changing it up within the 55-minutes! While in the class, I heard our instructor say “I think I have to make this part harder”, which wasn’t the most comforting, but we were pretty sure it was a compliment. Unlike Equinox’s members-only gyms, classes at Project are offered separately and are open to the public. The schedule reflects the diversity of each instructor’s background including HIIT, circuit training, cardio dance, and pilates. There are even a few mash-up classes in which 2 trainers combine their specialties into something interesting and completely out of the box!

Balaboosta: Our favorite feeling is finishing our work out and heading RIGHT to brunch. Anyone with us? Balaboosta (about a 2-minute walk from Project By Equinox) has a great brunch that lasts all day Sunday. The service is great, the Israeli background music is fun, and the Mediterranean style food is just as good as Jack's Wife Freda without waiting 2 hours! Make sure to get the house-made hummus, which comes with pita straight out of the oven, and their signature shakshuka which is baked eggs in spicy tomato sauce, spinach, and grilled sourdough. The sauce here is super tasty and they suggest you combine it with their red sangria (red wine, gin, apple, and lemon) which is very sweet but good. If you’re looking to skip the booze, their mint tea is served boiling hot with real mint leaves and is guaranteed to warm you up! 





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