December 14-17

Friday Night:

The Sosta: The Sosta, featured in one of our past plans here, has already been deemed a #YWP spot, however, they have a new and exciting menu item that we thought was worth talking about! My favorite part about The Sosta is that they give you the opportunity to get quick, fresh, and authentic Italian dishes on the go and in smaller portions. All pastas range from $10-12, which also ensures this filling dinner will be easy on your wallet. As the holidays roll around, it’s essential that this dish makes the cut and adds a little extra sparkle to your evening. The “Mama Mia, which is a collaboration between the restaurant and jewelry company Alison Lou, celebrates their latest holiday collection of pasta-inspired jewelry. Chef LaRaia mixes their homemade red, green, and white gemelli pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, and then sprinkles the top with pieces of gold leaf. The shimmery topping adds a festive look to the already colorful pasta bowl, which makes it a delicious and picture perfect treat.

Fig 19: Ready to step into a time machine and revisit the thirsty days of the Prohibition Era? Look no further than Fig 19! Take a 4-minute walk from dinner and try to find this swanky speakeasy that actually requires a lot of searching. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! Fig 19 is super discreet, which really adds to the overall experience! The address is 131 1/2 Chrystie St, which isn’t very helpful because it’s easy to walk up and down this empty street without seeing any sort of bar action. Try to spot people sitting outside a dark building, because even the bouncer is really inconspicuous. Enter a tiny art gallery and search for an unmarked door located in the rear corner. Once you step through the door, you're transported to a scene of dark woods, candles, crystal chandeliers, and vintage furniture. Fig 19's mixologists are dedicated to their craft, which we really appreciated. We ordered their signature Vanishing Point cocktail (vanilla bean and cinnamon infused gin, fresh lemon juice, agave, egg white, and sea salt). To separate the egg whites from the yolks, the bartender literally cracked open 3 eggs before finally getting it right on the 4th try. That’s what we call service! 

Saturday Day:

Victoria Secret Pop-Up Shop: We meet again, holiday pop-up shops! I know we have been sharing a lot of these lately, but it’s such a fun and easy way to get into the holiday spirit and we want to make sure you don’t miss any of them! Victoria Secret has joined the club and created a hot pink winter wonderland right here in Soho. The pop-up shop has everything from a giant snow globe, snowball bean bag chairs, and a giant pool filled with their signature puppy stuffed animals. Were not going to lie, the whole point of visiting is totally to get some cool Instagram pictures, but there are also products on sale and some free giveaways! The shop is open until December 17th at 429 Broadway and is completely free. It does help to download the Pink app beforehand though, as they asked us to do this at the door!

Beach on Bowery: After about a 14-minute walk downtown, you’ll arrive at our final pop-up shop of the day! This one opens today (December 14th) and is only open for this weekend (until Sunday) so we had to make sure it was on your radar! Located at 319 Bowery, this pop-up is dedicated to all of the essential items you may need if you’re going on a sunny holiday getaway! Brands such as Monrowe, Poolside Bags, Bird & Knoll, and many more will be displaying the perfect gift items you may need to buy for that special someone, including yourself, that’s heading to the beach! Our favorite part is that Bluestone Lane Coffee (on a past plan here!) is also debuting a special café inside the store. What to order? Their coffee in a cone, of course! This special drink, introduced here for the first time, features your warm latte in a chocolate waffle cone, complete with a foam heart on top. Even if you don’t find anything to buy, the  latte alone was worth the trip here!

Saturday Night:

Morandi: Morandi looks old when you first approach it, but trust us it's not. One of the reasons we thought to put this restaurant in this weekend plan was because of the freezing temperatures outside! In this weather, it’s nice to dine out at a cozy place with fireplaces and that classic, Italian, rustic charm! Everything on the menu from the salad with apples and brussel sprouts (one of our favorites!) to the fried artichokes, and homemade spaghetti with lemon is the perfect winter meal. This is not a place to come if you're planning to get your drink on because the drinks are on the expensive side, but if you're looking for a lighter Italian meal accompanied with a glass of wine, then this is definitely a great choice!

Snowdays: Snowdays, located literally next door to dinner (not even a 1-minute walk!) serves up a popular shaved ice cream dessert, one of the newest ice cream trends these days! For a mini history lesson, it is actually the evolution of the Taiwanese and Korean shaved ice, but has now become the fluffy texture of snow with the taste and creaminess of ice cream (you can see how they got their name!). We should mention that we love this dessert, but it’s not exactly why we brought you here! Due to the change in seasons (unless you’re like us and eat ice cream 24/7) ice cream isn’t exactly what you’re craving. Great news! Now is the time to try their full line of signature hot chocolates. Nothing is more satisfying than a hot cup of chocolate on a snow day…or any day really! Snowdays made sure there was a version for everyone’s palette, like the matcha, peanut butter, or our personal favorite, the white chocolate lucky charm. They are all made to order from scratch with the best chocolate and the best milk around, making this a great place to end (or begin!) your night. 


Columbus Circle Holiday Market: The Columbus Circle Holiday Market is known as one of the most beautiful places to do your holiday shopping, eating, and walking (Is holiday walking a thing? It is for us!). This is probably because it’s located at the entrance to Central Park, at 59th street and Central Park West. Be prepared to lose yourself in the beautiful lights and various vendors that have set up shop with their holiday decorations! There are so many shops and stands to visit, which are similar to the Union Square and Bryant Park holiday markets as well, but we still had to check this one out for you guys! Each year brings different and unique specialties to each, and we wouldn’t be doing our job if we couldn’t share something special about each location! A must try is the Jicama apple cider, which is fully loaded with fresh cranberries, gala apples, Valencia oranges, tons of cinnamon sticks, and finished off with a big swirl of cinnamon whip cream. It’s all served in the perfect little mason jar! Don’t forget about their s’mores hot chocolate too, if you’re in the mood for something a little more decedent. It may get a little chilly to enjoy your drinks outside, so head inside to the Columbus Circle Shops to see their fluorescent multi-colored giant stars that hang from the ceiling and add to the already gorgeous backdrop of Central Park through the giant clear windows. The best view is from the second or third floor balcony, but even just standing on the ground floor and looking up is a special sight to see!





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