January 11-14

Friday Night: 

Samsung 837: Samsung 837 opened its doors last year and has become a first-of-its kind cultural destination and literal digital playground in the heart of the Meatpacking District. Although a retail store for Samsung products, this spot has become so much more than a shopping destination! The 3-story building is home to Samsung’s brand, which also serves up art installations, virtual reality experiences, and even a Brooklyn coffee shop on the top level! The store has late hours (open until 9pm!) so it’s a great place to check out before dinner. Right now they have a Snow Globe experience, where you can step inside a winter wonderland and take a 360 degree selfie from inside a snow globe! In addition, you can capture all your best angles inside their Gear 360 experience that's decked out for the winter season, and leaves you with a festive panoramic selfie to share! It’s a new year, so that means lots of new things coming your way as well. Remember to keep an eye out for their line up of more interactive exhibits (which haven’t been released yet) but are set to debut on January 16th at 11AM. 

Santina: After the frozen temperatures in New York these past few days, Instagram has been flooded with #throwbackthursdays to beaches, palm trees, and anything else that can help us remember that warmth still exists! That’s why I just had to include Santina in this weekends plan! It’s also just a short 4-minute walk from the Samsung store! This restaurant exudes a happy, tropical, summer vibe 365 days a year. From their signature orange and blue umbrellas to the Italian coast Murano glass chandeliers, you’re automatically transported into an elegant tiki hut as soon as you walk in. One of our favorite items to order here is the Squash Carpaccio. We haven't seen it offered anywhere else, which makes it extra special and it’s just so delicious! Thinly sliced layers of squash are drizzled with honey and topped with pepitas and pumpkin seeds. All the amazing flavors just melt together in your mouth (trust us, you’ll be craving this appetizer for days!). Everything else on the menu is also great and you seriously can’t go wrong with your order. We don't consider this place your traditional Italian restaurant because they definitely add some coastal flair added to all the dishes. For us, the staples are the Rigatoni Norma and Tortellini Sorrentina. We usually love sending you on another adventure for dessert, but since our faces hurt after being outside for 30 seconds, stay put and enjoy the dessert menu here as well. We really enjoyed the grapefruit Italian ices with candied grapefruit pieces and served in an actual grapefruit, or for our fellow chocolate lovers out there, the newer addition of the Coco Perfetto is perfect. Head on over to forget the single digit weather forecast and start your weekend off right!! 


Orwasher’s Bakery: Orwasher’s Bakery has 2 locations in the city, but we recommend going to the one on the Upper East Side! This bakery has old fashioned style since it’s been around for years perfecting the most delicious baked goods! There isn’t a large area to sit down, but the inside is well lit with warm tones and the aroma of freshly baked bread. The walls are covered with cookies, baguettes, and everything else you could think of at an amazing bakery. They offer tons of variations of fresh bread that are baked daily, as well as cookies, donuts, strudels, and much more! Our favorite Saturday morning routine is to order their jelly filled doughnuts! The best part is that they fill your doughnut right there in front of you! The piping instruments (which are just big syringes!) are all lined up by the wall as you pick which kind of donut you’d like and what jam to fill it with! One of our personal recommendations is a black raspberry filled sugar donut-- YUM!! Make sure to add a warm coffee or tea to complete your order; and then it’s time to indulge!

Waterfall Mansion: Waterfall Mansion, located on the Upper East Side (only a 7-minute walk from Orwasher’s Bakery) is a unique space, and once home, converted into a complete contemporary art gallery. At the heart of the gallery, you will find an indoor waterfall for which the mansion was named after! Just recently, the gallery has opened a new exhibition called “New Book 2017”. It includes over 30 international artists invited to share their work in this gorgeous space, and is something you don’t want to miss! Be on the lookout for Jae Young Kim’s ceramic donut display that fits perfectly into the theme of your day! However, it is only open to the public on Saturday’s (until March) from 12pm – 5pm, making this the perfect (indoor!) activity to spend your afternoon!

Saturday Night:

Glamsquad: We’ve been trying to find great ways to spend a little more time at home on the weekends, where we know the heat is on high blast and blankets are by our side! The wind chill outside is enough for us to cancel our dinner plans and relax in the comfort of our homes. So, @yourweekendplans is here to give you a fun activity that doesn’t require leaving your comfy couch! Glamsquad, an app for in-home beauty services, to the rescue! Treat yourself, your friends, or even your significant other to a manicure/pedicure right in front of your TV! There are even different levels to choose from including a spa manicure or shellac nail art. It’s super easy to book and by using this code, you’ll get a $25 credit towards your first service! Put on your go-to Netflix series and let the Glamsquad professionals provide a relaxing treatment that your skin and mind definitely deserve! 


Modo Yoga: Since we want you to stay warm, we had to add this spot to the agenda. Enter Modo Yoga, a hot yoga studio where all sessions are practiced in a heated room. The staff members are SO nice and the mats, blankets, and towels, are free for first time students! The environment is super cozy and they have filtered water to fill up your bottles as well as hot tea when you arrive. The studio is located on the second floor (a couple doors down from Benefit!) and truly provides a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle below. For anyone who is concerned, the temperature of the room was warm, but not at all suffocating. The teacher was great, easy to follow, and you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner (like me!). The class provided us a good stretch and sweat, which is all we could ask for on a Sunday!

Mike & Dave’s: Mike & Dave’s is a new healthy snack spot in the West Village that we just had to share with you guys! About an 8-minute walk from Modo Yoga, it’s the perfect place to refuel, but still get in your Sunday sweet tooth craving! Mike and Dave understand the “health journey” as they say, because they are on it too. They specialize in what they like to call “structured smoothies”; frozen non-dairy blends with healthy mix-ins that taste simply delicious and provide a treat to health-conscious foodies who hate to say “no” to sweets! The pre-curated menu has amazing options (we got the strawberry shortcake and cherry pie) but you can also create your own by choosing a base and mix-ins, and into the swirling machine it will go! It’s important to note, they do have dairy mix-ins and toppings, but most of the items can be made completely vegan! The taste is really unique, in that it does not have the consistency of frozen yogurt (even though it looks just like frozen yogurt!), but more like a fresh smoothie in a cup! The toppings offer a crunch and the fruit gives you a refreshing boost. We must first give a shout out to the staff here that helped us with huge smiles and were eager to assist me as a first-timer. The atmosphere of the store is simple, with brick white walls and some great fruit neon signs! We can’t wait to come back and try more!





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