February 8-11

Friday Night:

Farniella Bakery: Farinella Bakery, located in the East 60s, is a secret gem of a dinner spot. Although it sounds like you're headed towards a pastry shop, this restaurant serves up organic, delicious, and high quality pizza slices! Each pizza is made with their homemade gluten flour, extra virgin olive oil, and locally sourced produce. From the outside, it looks like a simple to-go situation, but there are a few tables in the front and a whole restaurant in the back. The abundance of pizza options are in a glass case when you enter, and each one is seriously better than the next. Our current top favorites (ordering here is also available on Seamless – dangerous!!) are the Cacio E Pepe slice and the DOC slice. The Cacio E Pepe (we recommend asking for it warm!!) is basically the best Cacio E Pepe pasta sauce you’ve ever had on a thin, crispy crust. The pepper does add a little kick but all the yummy cheese will melt in your mouth. The DOC, which has tomato sauce, fresh Italian buffalo mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and basil tastes like a margarita pizza on steroids! The parmesan cheese adds a little something extra and the whole combination tastes super fresh. The pizza comes by the slice, but Pro Tip: 1 “slice” here is cut in half and is really the equivalent of 2 square pizza slices. Although very casual, you can still add a glass of wine to your order and celebrate the beginning of the weekend!  

Dylan’s Candy Bar: Dylan’s Candy Bar (only a 3-minute walk from dinner) is always on our radar! Whether we’re in the mood for a pound of sour gummies or some chocolate covered cookie dough, we can always rely on Dylan’s to satisfy our sweet tooth! Located on the upper level of the store is Dylan’s Candy Bar Café, the ultimate dessert experience with a bar and ice cream parlor with a really creative menu. Enter to find giant colorful cupcake booths, cotton candy cocktails, and their latest (and greatest!) dessert collaboration with Dessert Goals! Only available through March, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Dessert Goals have teamed up to make a dessert that is actually #DESSERTGOALS. Behold their cookie dough s’mores fondue that comes with everything possible to dip into it, including gummy bears, churros, m&ms, graham crackers, nonpareils, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, donut holes, pretzels, and more!! Head over and share a photo of this dessert on your social media accounts (Trust us, you’ll want to make your followers drool in jealousy!) and make sure to tag @omgdessertgoals and @dylanscandybar in addition to @yourweekendplans for your chance to win 2 tickets to the Dessert Goals Festival in March, which is already sold out!


365 By Whole Foods: Whole Foods Market 365 is a branch of the Whole Foods markets that we all know and love but only sells products by their own brand, 365. Lucky for us, it has made its East Coast debut, offering lower prices, more inventory, and a completely new supermarket experience. The 30,000-square-foot space is located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and is easily accessible by almost any subway. We mean it; since it’s around the corner from the Barclays Center, you can take the B, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5, D, N, and R lines and still only walk a couple of minutes outside! We’re not telling you to spend your Saturday grocery shopping; this really is an all-day experience! Besides saving money on your favorite organic items, Whole Foods 365 has a special eatery level with 4 restaurants:  Next level Burger, Orwasher’s Bakery, Juice Press, and a self-serve beer, cider, and wine bar called POURiT Authority, where you can pour your own drinks (and samples) from a dozen rotating taps. Get ready to have lunch, dessert, coffee, and drinks without even leaving the building! Trust us when we tell you that your first stop must be at Next Level Burger. The 100% plant based vegan “fast food chain” from the Midwest is finally here and we have so many great things to say about it. The signature house made umami mushroom and quinoa patty topped with avocado, swiss style cheese, and roasted garlic thyme mayo is everything and more! It’s less than 500 calories, which we couldn’t believe given the size and how full we were afterwards! We also tried the oven baked crinkle fries (a great and delicious alternative to the normal fried option) and a dark chocolate PB cup milkshake. They hand spin soy or coconut soft serve with dark chocolate peanut butter cups so it remains vegan but still has that necessary sweet, smooth, and rich taste you want in your shake. This was probably better then any “regular” shake I’ve ever had to date! Shake Shack has some major competition because this guilt free option is better than we could have ever imagined. Whole Foods 365 is now open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., with the cafe level serving breakfast starting at 7 a.m. The market was specifically created to appeal to millennials, so it’s basically calling your names! 

Saturday Night: 

The Loyal: The Loyal is a new awesome restaurant to try in the West Village! Since it's new and quite popular right now, we definitely recommend making a reservation before heading over. The atmosphere is dark with candles everywhere and a modern type feel. It’s a perfect date spot with booths for 2, but it’s also good for a girls night out with some bigger round tables in the back. We are usually not fans of places that make you order the bread off the menu, but this was the exception. On the side of the menu under the “Snack” items you will see P.H. Rolls. These were essential to the meal as they make each roll straight out of the oven with sea salt and butter and comes out steaming hot ready for you to indulge! The service was really on point, as the staff checked on us the whole time and helped us with what to order. We ended up with the Miso Chicken and Mushroom Carbonara. The Mushroom Carbonara is definitely different, with al dente pasta, mushrooms, and little crunches of pork. The peanut sauce that comes with the Miso Chicken was one of our favorite parts of the meal. It almost tastes like a better peanut noodle sauce from your favorite Asian restaurant but with actual crushed peanuts and a creamier consistency. We then ended the meal with the S’mores Baked Alaska, which was also amazing! Pro Tip: If you’re there for a special occasion, let them now! They add sparklers to all their desserts and make it a super cute presentation when they know you are celebrating. The meringue in the Baked Alaska was super light and fluffy, the graham cracker ice cream had a great crunch, and chocolate cake completed the dish. Even if you’re not one to order dessert, take advantage of their really special dessert menu. They even have a make your own sundae bar that comes right to the table!


Sweatshop Coffee: Sweatshop Coffee is the perfect excuse to leave your bed and head over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The inside of this coffee shop is a balance of homey and hip with a brick wall, blackboard menu, Timothy Goodman mural, and trendy merchandise. Snag a picture of the mural on your way in so that by the time you leave, your clever Instagram caption has already come to you! The space is small, but really well loved in the neighborhood as a place to grab coffee, a light breakfast, meet up with friends, or catch up on some work! We totally get why after ordering a flat white with oat milk (per the baristas' suggestion!) and an avocado smash with egg. Everything tasted great, there was so much natural light, and the relaxed atmosphere was just what we needed on a Sunday afternoon! 





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