February 15-18

Friday Night: 

Sola Pasta Bar: @yourweekendplans here with another pasta recommendation coming your way! We know, there are tons of Italian options (even just in our past plans!), but award winning Michelin Chef Massimo Sola has created something truly special in this new Soho restaurant. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted into the cozy and inviting space, which includes an expansive bar and a few tables for 2 or 3 in the back corner. We loved the modern décor, but we seriously loved our meal even more! We sat at a table, which is easy to reserve on OpenTable, however the bar seemed like the place to be since you can see the chefs at work in the completely open kitchen. We especially loved the different types of pasta and the friendliness of the staff here. The menu is always changing, so expect them to have different specials each time you visit. We got the Cavolo Nero salad to start, which had a kale base, raisins, walnuts, pears, and shaved cheese on top with a fantastic honey and lime dressing. It was the perfect appetizer because it was delicious and not too filling before all the upcoming carbs! Next we ordered the Cacio E Pepe and Spaghetti Alla Barbaietola to share, which ended up making an awesome combo. The Cacio E Pepe was one of the best we’ve had recently since it didn’t have too much of a pepper kick and the sauce was super creamy and decedent over perfectly boiled spaghetti. The Spaghetti Alla Barbaietola (translates to Beet Spaghetti with Goat Cheese) kind of tasted like macaroni and cheese (which we didn’t mind!), but we couldn’t really taste the beet flavor that we were expecting. Nevertheless, the dark purple pasta certainly added a nice pop of color to our Instagram photo and was definitely worth trying!

Stax Ice Cream: Dedicated readers may recognize Stax Ice Cream from a previous weekend plan! Stax originally stood out to us when we saw they were offering a “Cremella”, which is a pressed donut ice cream sandwich. We just HAD to include it again to keep you in the know about their recent (and drool worthy!!) Valentines Day collaboration! Only a 14-minute walk away from dinner, get ready to experience a heart themed dessert like never before. Stax has partnered with The Konery and Eileens Cheesecakes to create an all hot pink cone that combines our favorite treats all in one. The final product includes Konery's french vanilla cone with rose gold and vanilla ice cream, topped with Eileen's famous cheesecake tart. The rose gold flavor, made especially for this collaboration, is a refreshing combination of sweet lychees, delicate rose petals, and light notes of clover honey. Make sure to get the vanilla as your second scoop because both flavors combined with the cheesecake tart on top were especially tasty! This limited time Valentine's Special will be available in-store through Friday, Feb. 16, so if you’re lucky and have a half day on Friday, kick off your long weekend with this delicious treat! 


Westville: Westville has a bunch of locations around the city, so it’s always at the top of our list as a go-to healthy spot before checking out a fun dessert place or when dining with friends who insist on keeping their diet (*insert shocked emoji here*). The best part about dining here is that the menu is veggie focused without being strictly vegetarian, so you can eat healthy and still enjoy some delicious protein with your meal. Everything we’ve tried here has been great, and with such an expansive menu, it’s really hard to order wrong. We personally recommend getting a market plate and splitting something else as well. This way you can try a mix of their delicious well known prepared vegetables, as well as some of their other awesome menu items. If you've ever said, “I wish I could just order a meal of all sides”, then this is the place for you! Westville's 18 (!!!) delicious side options will make your dreams come true!

Cupcake Market: We obviously had to visit Cupcake Market when we saw their celebrity face cookies all over social media! The owner, Sarah Silverman, worked various jobs at bakeries around New York City and found her love for baking while attending the Institute of Culinary Education. Prior to attending culinary school, Sarah was an artist at Savannah College of Art and Design. With a talent for drawing, she had the brilliant idea to create cookies in the shapes of important figures within our society. Now, there are tons of edible celebrity and political faces to choose from at their shop (about a 7-minute walk from Westville)! From Kim Kardashian, to Donald Trump, you’ll be impressed with how real the sugar cookies look! The cookie did taste like a great sugar cookie, but you have to remember that you’re really paying for the artwork of this (giant !!) cookie creation. After getting one for ourselves, we have also deemed this the perfect creative gift to bring over to a party or drop off for your friend’s birthday. They even take custom requests to create any face on their cookies (are we famous enough to qualify for this yet?). It is important to note that the cupcakes were also amazing! They are aesthetically pleasing in every way and the frosting is soft and not too sweet. Our favorites were the vanilla with strawberry frosting and vanilla with cookies and cream. We also got the red velvet and double chocolate. They were all great, giving us multiple reasons to visit this shop! 

Saturday Night: 

The Williamsburg Hotel: The Williamsburg Hotel has easily become one of our favorite places to grab drinks and we thought it was finally time to share our secret with all of you! The actual hotel, which is 8 stories high, was designed by London-based design firm Michaelis Boyd Studio and has the coolest high ceilings, natural brick finishes, and an eclectic style that shows throughout the whole space. The quiet, tucked away cocktail bar to the right of the lobby is the ideal spot if you want a place to go where you can order good drinks, always grab multiple seats, and know you will be able to hear the person next to you! You’ll be able to spot the bar immediately with the threaded rainbow colored design near the ceiling (snap a photo!) and the open shelves, which feature their liquor and multi colored teapots. Honestly, we need this whole set up in our future home because it's serious #bargoals. Sit down in the turquoise leather bar stools (Which have backs! Are we the only ones who appreciate this?) and start your Saturday night right. 


Times Square Heart: It took a lot for us to send you to Times Square, but trust us this plan is worth the trip! This is usually our least favorite place in the city; it’s crowded with slow walkers, tourists, and people in character costumes; but we’re keeping up the Valentine's Day theme by telling you about this year’s annual Times Square Valentine Heart design! This year’s winning design, Window to the Heart, was unveiled on February 1st between 46th and 47th Streets. The installation will remain on view only for the month of February and is giving you the chance for the ultimate view into the literal heart of New York City! In one of the world’s most Instagrammed places, filled with cameras of all shapes and sizes, Window to the Heart, places the world’s largest lens in the center of it all. The 12-foot structure was designed with 3D printing to distort and capture the image of Times Square, optically bending light for a different view of the usual bright lights and tall buildings. Feel free to look through the window or photograph yourself within it, while sharing why you love this city!   

44 & X: Don’t worry, we wouldn’t send you all the way to Times Square without having another destination in mind. The brunch at 44 & X (only an 11-minute walk) is the perfect place to head to after you check out the Times Square Heart. The atmosphere is really bright (all white everything!!), the portions are big, and the menu has everything you would ever crave on a Sunday! Pro Tip: You will get a free basket of muffins and breads after you sit down, so don’t order anything like that off the menu! The highlight for us was the silver dollar pancakes, which are topped with this amazing blueberry butter. They actually feel light, unlike the usual massive pancakes that make you feel like you’ll need to skip dinner. We were super thankful for the bottomless coffee and will definitely keep this on our list if we’re ever back in the local New Yorker’s “forbidden” territory!





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