February 22-25

Friday Night:

Hakkasan: Hakkasan, located in Midtown West, is a great spot to go on a Friday night because it has great drinks, a delicious dinner, fun desserts, and a perfect ambiance all in one place! You’ll arrive through their unsuspecting door on a dark random street followed by a long white hallway to the hostess. From there, the enormous restaurant space is finally revealed. The menu, best described as upscale Asian/Chinese, is expansive and has a ton of options for everyone, which also makes it a good place to recommend to the picky eaters in your group chat. The Dim Sum Platter is their go-to recommendation as an appetizer and we easily saw why! It comes out with a beautiful, colorful presentation of 3 different types of dumplings which vary based on the platter you order. Major bonus was that they even had a vegetarian dim sum platter option, which we don’t see often enough! The Floating Goddess drink (vodka, muddled blueberries, elderflower syrup, and grapefruit juice) was the right amount of sweet to accompany the spring onion and egg fried rice, which was also delicious. For dessert, don’t miss the house made macaroons and black sesame/chocolate dumplings!  They also have a cool selection of sorbets, but some were better than others. We enjoyed the coconut lime, but not so much the apple sorbet flavor. Oh well, you dim sum, you lose some!


Nap York: Nap York, an entirely new concept in New York, has finally opened and we are here to tell you all the details! In the heart of Midtown lies a 4-story building that meets all of your relaxation needs (SO convenient to many subway lines & offices!)! Each floor of Nap York offers various lounge and work amenities that are all reasonably priced and perfect for any busy New Yorker or tourist in one way or another. On the first floor is a quiet café where guests can order freshly made food to enjoy, accompanied by charging stations, a hammock to lounge in, and a living green plant wall. They also offer an assortment of smoothies, shots and juices, coffee and tea, and vegan treats, all of which are made with wholesome and natural ingredients to hydrate and boost your energy. Let’s head to the second floor, which offers our favorite amenity, private nap pods! These can be used to nap, rest, relax, or meditate depending on your mood. These are basically lounging stations that feature an airweave mattress, soundproof curtains, and twinkling LED lights above your head. For only $10 per half hour, the pod is all yours to sneak in a nap or get away from the hectic crowds outside. We tested it out for you guys (of course!) and the pod was as quiet as can be, comfortable, clean, and relaxing. If you’re not the napping kind, the third floor gives guests a surplus of other relaxation options including comfortable moon chairs, quiet corners for meditation, and special, succinct studio yoga classes surrounded by fireplaces, plants, and more! As if all that wasn’t enough, the fourth floor offers both sitting and standing desks, reclining chairs (because work can be exhausting), and adjustable lights for a productive work environment if you work from home and are looking for a space to set up shop! It’s important to note that whether you make a reservation beforehand, or just walk in, the same prices and services will be offered to you 24/7! The next time you're craving those zZzZz’s or some simple peace and quiet around this busy city, Nap York is the place to go!

Saturday Night:

New York City Ballet: Jihan Zencirli, a Turkish-American artist, has installed thousands of balloons right here in Lincoln Center, and we mean it when we say you have to pop by (no pun intended)! It’s her largest project to date, with balloons that range in size from 10 inches to 10 feet and cover the entire floor, ceiling, and expansive entrance of the New York City Ballet. Earlier this month, only people going to see New York City Ballet could see this exhibit, but from now until February 25th it’s open for the public to view this colorful and shiny (metallic balloons have just been added!) display. Put your phone on portrait mode and make sure to capture some truly artsy photos before heading to dinner!

RedFarm: RedFarm, about a 14-minute walk from Lincoln Center, is the perfect next destination for your Saturday night! The best way we can describe this restaurant is “Chinese Tapas”, with lots of Chinese and Southeast Asian plates that are made to share with the table. Highlights from the menu included the Katz Pastrami Egg Rolls, Pac Man Dumplings (that look like they came straight out of a Gameboy!), Smoked Salmon Eggplant Bruschetta, and their Soup Dumplings! There wasn’t a single dish we didn’t like and the portions of everything made it fun to try a lot of different menu items. They don’t take reservations in advance (unless you’re a party of 8 or more!), but they are very efficient with moving the crowd along. Order their Le Club Hot (jalapeño tequila, cucumber, mint, agave, lime, and smoked sea salt) and it will for sure make the wait go faster!


Yoga With Jackie: We always try to center our Sunday plans around relaxation, as we know everyone is already mentally preparing for the week! After experiencing a private group yoga session with @jackiemazzarella last week, we thought it was the perfect Sunday activity to share! Having a private session with Jackie entails a custom designed yoga experience that works around your schedule, timing, and level of difficulty. Jackie caters to your needs and works to keep you present while delivering a full body and mind workout. After meeting at the gym in our building (she can also do this right in your apartment!) we did a full 45-minute session, which included an introduction to Vinyasa Flow, stretching and balancing. We even got started with some essential oils, a great playlist, and ended up doing our very first successful handstands (which no one has gotten us to do before!).  The next day we felt our muscles kicked into high gear and our minds ready for the day ahead of us! To make an appointment, contact Jackie via email on her website (or slide into her DM’s on Instagram like we did!) and make sure to say @yourweekendplans recommended you! With that @yourweekendplans connect (yes!), you can do a session for 2 people at $150, which is usually the price for just 1! Text someone you know would love to do this with you and sign up as soon as possible. We promise, after that you can Namaste on the couch the rest of the day!





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