March 8-11

@GirlsWhoEat is an Instagram account with almost 20K followers and all original content. GWE officially started in 2014 at Northeastern University when Dani and Jamie became best friends after joining Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority and quickly bonded over their love for food and dining out. They decided to eat their way through their restaurant bucket lists and create @GirlsWhoEat as an outlet to showcase the food they were already snapping photos of! Fast forward four years later; Jamie Koll (left in the picture), currently lives in NYC and is a freelance event planner and Dani Kleinman lives in London pursuing her dreams of becoming a fashion editor! They love giving food recommendations and are always on the search for the next best restaurant or food trend. Read along as Jamie curates this edition of @yourweekedplans!


Spring & Varick: Friday nights always call for a nice sit down dinner to end the hectic week, so I’m all about places that have a good atmosphere, great food, and take reservations (an @yourweekendplans major bonus, I know!)! Spring & Varick, located on the border of West Soho and Tribeca, is the perfect post-work, ready to start the weekend spot. The restaurant is run by acclaimed chef John Creger and all dishes feature fresh and local ingredients. The bartenders also know a thing or two about how to make a mean cocktail and the ambiance is upscale, young, and trendy! My recommendations include a classic Moscow Mule paired with their tuna tartare and scallops for your main course. For dessert (always order dessert!!) you must get the Campfire S’mores. It’s served smoking hot and smelling exactly like a night in the outdoors!

Mr. Jones: Mr. Jones is connected to the same hotel as Spring & Varick, so it’s an easy, less than one-minute walk to your next destination. This cocktail bar serves up delicious drinks based on flavors from all around the world. As a big traveler myself, it is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail post-dinner and admire the décor around you. The walls are decorated with pieces inspired from traveling and presented in a very retro/old fashion setting! Friday nights for me are almost always dinner and drinks (who’s with me!?) since I always tend to have an early morning workout booked for Saturday!


CYC Spin Studio: I first discovered CYC 4 years ago when I started my first job in New York and a co-worker insisted I join her! New to the city, I was down to try anything, but I was never a “spin enthusiast” before moving here! After that first class, I was seriously hooked. Since then, I have been going to the Astor Place location pretty much every weekend (join me!). I love this workout because it incorporates more weighted arm routines than other spin classes, the music is always spot on, and the staff is so welcoming! Whether it's your first time or you’ve been going forever, no one there is intimidating like some other studios I’ve been to. CYC now has 4 studios all around the city and we recommend riding with Brian, Tom, or Aaron (the 9:30 am class is my jam!).

HoneyBrains: HoneyBrains, about a five-minute walk from your workout at CYC, is the perfect spot to grab a quick light brunch post-workout. This fast casual spot is based around science and the food we eat to ultimately help power our brain and bodies! We love their avocado toast with the 8 minute egg on top and the Honey Nut Latte is one of the best coffee drinks we’ve found in the city. This is the perfect modern brunch spot that will fill you up with healthy food and energize you before you begin your East Village food tour!

FryGuys: Just an eleven-minute walk away from brunch is every 90s kid’s dream location and ours since French fries are one of both Dani and my favorite foods! From the baby pink entrance, to the disco balls and emoji covered walls, get ready to enter into a real life Lisa Frank coloring book! Besides being drawn to the furby-like cat painted right when we walked in (who remembers those?!?), we came here to try their famous french fry combos! French fries and milkshakes are the only things on the menu, so you seriously can’t go wrong with your order! We got the Drunk Guy loaded fries which comes with guacamole and cheese! Go big or go home, right? The fries were delicious, freshly made, and cut perfectly. If you like your fries more on the well done side and extra crispy, we wouldn’t go with this option solely because the fries got a little soggy in the cheese! It didn’t ruin the taste for us, but we know people are specific about their fry consistencies. If you’re in the mood to try a bunch of different combinations, you’re in luck, since you can purchase $1 dipping sauces and try as many as you’d like. Make sure to grab a photo of their neon sign on your way out and step across their rainbow sidewalk. Happy almost Fry-Day, everyone!

Becky's Bites: Becky’s Bites, only a six-minute walk from FryGuys, is the cutest cream cheese-ry (say that 10x fast) and the cream cheese bakery shop you didn’t know you needed in your life! Although small, you’ll easily notice the cute decorations and #BITEME sign. This spot is best known for their Becky Bites, which are chocolate covered cream cheese bites that physically resemble truffles. However, they are less sweet (in a good way!) and the different flavors (including cookies & creme and peanut butter) can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. We must admit that we came for the Beckaroos, which are keeping with our 90s theme and are a nostalgic throwback to Dunkaroos! These, made with cream cheese dip, instead of frosting, taste just as good (if not better!) and come with Teddy Grahams, something we have all been thinking about since the 6th grade. We tried the classic Funfetti Beckaroos and the chocolate dirt cup, which came with crushed Oreos and gummy worms. This is a beary special delicious treat that you do not want to miss!

Saturday Night:

Megu: Saturday has been a food filled day (just the way we like it!); so after your East Village exploration, it might be best to wait a few hours before heading to dinner. Located in the heart of the Meatpacking District in the Dream Hotel is Megu, a high end spot serving up delicious Japanese cuisine. After actually traveling to Japan in January, we have been craving some solid fish dishes and we were really happy when we saw the unique twist on all the menu options offered here. Take a walk down the infinity mirror staircase to find the colorful dining room, which serves standout dishes like the Tuna Tartare served in mini ice cream cones, Nori Salmon Belly Taco, and the Miso Glazed Cod. Most importantly, you’ll want to save room for dessert to experience their decedent brioche doughnuts filled with caramel and brownie!


God's Love We Deliver: Ready to start your Sunday off by doing something great for the community? Located on the corner of Spring and 6th Avenue, you’ll notice the beautiful Michael Kors God’s Love We Deliver building right away. However, this organization is SO much more than a pretty building! Over the last few months, this organization has become a big part of my life. God’s Love We Deliver serves nutritious and healthy meals to 7000+ people a day (including their families) who are too sick to cook for themselves. They have over 10K volunteers a year who help to make this possible and each client receives a consultation with a nutritionist to perfect their meals based on their diet (low fiber, low sugar, vegetarian, etc). I was initially introduced to the organization through another food blogger who hosted a volunteer event here and after volunteering for one hour I was so inspired that I now organize a group to go once a month! Together we chop vegetables that will be used to cook that week’s upcoming meals. I love this organization and their mission so much, that I am even spending my birthday weekend here volunteering with friends. If you want to get involved, click here!

Bondi Sushi: Hop on almost any subway (seriously the R, W, 1, F, and M all go here from your downtown location!) and try one of our new favorite sushi spots! Be prepared to walk in and feel like you’re in a beachside town in Australia. All of the sushi is guaranteed fresh, something I have found is difficult to come by here in the city. This fast casual spot picks up fresh fish every morning and sells what they got down by the docks until it sells out. They have 3 rice selections: white, brown, and cauliflower (which we haven’t seen anywhere else before and tastes delicious!), and we couldn’t get enough of their truffle avocado and yellowtail scallion rolls. Pro Tip: the founders also opened up a speakeasy/omakase sushi restaurant connected to Bondi, called Noda. It seats only 8 people and the Michelin Star Chef Shigeyuki Tsunoda relocated here from Tokyo only 3 months ago!





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