March 15-18


Sorbillo: Gino Sorbillo is a true icon in the international pizza world. When we heard that this legendary pizza master was opening up his third location (first location in the US!) right here in New York, we knew we were in for a real treat! His location in Naples has been around since 1935 and he has another location in Milan. After trying lots of pizza in both cities during our time abroad in Europe, we were so excited for the authentic doughy, yet airy brick oven personal pies that Naples is known for! The restaurant itself has a lot of light with open room between tables and bright white furniture. We ordered the NDUJA, which had calabrian hot spreadable salami, red onions, and calabrian pecorino. It definitely had a kick to it, so if you're into some spice – go for this! Next we got the ALBA, which had black truffle, fresh mozzarella, and quail eggs. Pro Tip: Don’t let the thought of quail eggs intimidate you; they tasted just like regular eggs, just smaller! The truffle was delicious and we thought this was going to be the highlight of our meal until the Calzone Napoletano arrived at our table. This calzone (located under the pizza menu if you don’t see it) is filled with ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella, san marzano tomatoes, and black pepper. It’s also served under shavings of parmesan cheese, so let your taste buds just imagine how good this tastes! The MASSIVE calzone was baked to perfection and the pepper mixed in with the ricotta cheese was such good combination that we could not stop eating it. Pro Tip 2: The pizzas are big and so is the calzone, so be mindful of that when ordering. We couldn’t be happier that Sorbillo has graced downtown Manhattan with its presence. They will definitely be seeing a lot more of us soon!


Avocado Apetit: An all avocado restaurant? We’re there in a heartbeat! Owners of the recently opened Avocado Apetit said “the neighborhood was missing a healthy spot”, which encouraged them to open their doors just a month ago! Avocado is their main focus (avoca-duh!!), with a counter-service menu that includes everything from toasts, to sandwiches, to avocado fries, and even avocado coffee! The space is tropically decorated with cushioned benches and colorful green imagery, photos of avocados, lots of plants, and even a resident avocado stuffed animal. We say go for the beet garden avocado toast, which has their signature guacamole, avocado slices, purple kale, radish, beet paste, greens, and olive oil. Not only did this healthy combo taste fresh and delicious, but also the hot pink colors will totally brighten up your winter grey Instagram feeds!

Galerie Perrotin: Galerie Perrotin, only a 5-minute walk from avocado heaven, has just opened its latest exhibit, “Dark Matters”, by Jean-Michel Othoniel. His work spans several levels of the building, so make sure to check out the lobby and then continue to the third floor for more! By mixing polished metals with Jean’s signature mirrored glass, you’ll find giant spirals of reflective materials hanging from the ceiling. Now until April 15th, be sure to walk around and admire the sculptures, but also stop to look up, as the aerial pieces are best seen from every angle!

Saturday Night:

Arlo Soho: While it’s still winter here in New York (with more snow just this week!), we wanted to be sure to recommend this spot. The Soho hotel has teamed up with camping company Tentr to create “Camp Arlo”, an outdoor space where you can relax inside heated tents with some serious cozy and hygge vibes. Hygge is a Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortableness with feelings of wellness and content. Over recent years, hygge can best be described as the feeling you get when you’re nuzzled inside on a snow day. That’s exactly what it feels like here (but better!) while you get ready to roast s’mores, take a cinnamon toast crunch shot, and play some retro board games in The Soho Arlo Hotel courtyard! The tents can be reserved for groups up to 6 through the end of March, and are also available on a first come, first serve basis. We can’t imagine a better way to warm up than sipping a boozy hot chocolate surrounded by friends!


Boris & Horton: This one’s for all the puppy pawrents out there or just puppy enthusiasts in general! As a recent new dog owner myself (check out my furry friend, @simonsays_wooof !!), it’s always a struggle to take Simon on a walk knowing there are limited places to stop in that are pet friendly, especially when I need a caffeine fix! Boris & Horton, New York City’s first dog friendly café, to the rescue! I have to admit, due to the nature of the restaurant, the entry ways are a bit confusing and they could really use some help on making the process more seamless. However, with a window outside to order drinks, a counter inside to order food, and a separate retail space, this place definitely has it all. Buy your pup some fancy decorated treats, then sit side by side in an area that’s sectioned off for other dogs and their owners. We thought the coffee tasted great, the photo booth in the back was a fun bonus, and the possibility of catching a glimpse of The Real Housewives of New York City was reason enough to visit. Is ordering brunch while playing with cute dogs all morning on your #bucketlist? Well, your prayers have just been answered.

Côte: Côte, about an 11-minute walk from Boris & Horton, has made its way from the west coast bringing us non-toxic express manicures that everyone needs to know about! In addition to the relaxing atmosphere (major coastal beach vibes inside!), our experience here was actually very informational. We learned about the toxic chemicals that most commercial polishes have, and with the same expansive color selection, it’s obvious that their natural polish is the way to go. Add a glass of rose (comes with every manicure!) and enjoy your treatment on their pillow covered bench. We will note that they don't cut or push down the cuticles (they explain how it’s better for the nails), so the process is a bit different. Tip is included and only credit cards are accepted, which means you finally don’t have to remember to stop at the ATM before getting your weekly manicure!

Breads Bakery: Breads Bakery, about a 7-minute walk from Côte, is the perfect place to end your Sunday afternoon. Between their fresh made breads, pastries, spreads, and more, it's actually hard to choose what to get as a midday pick me up! Their chocolate babka is an all time classic, but until March 31st you can also get their limited edition pizza hamentashens in honor of Purim, which was earlier this month! Breads Bakery has turned the traditional triangle dessert into a savory delectable pizza bite and it was so delicious! Other fillings include homemade jams, potato and onion, and chocolate, so if you’re in the mood for something sweet to pair with your savory treat, they’ve got you covered. Grab one to try there or take a some home for the rest of the week; either way you’re guaranteed to enjoy!

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