April 5-8

Friday Night: 

Tipsy Scoop: This week, we’re having dessert before dinner! Ice cream and happy hour lovers alike will rejoice for an exclusive boozy happy hour at Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream Barlour. This Friday, hang out with the face of Just Peachy and reality TV star, Claudia Jordan, while you try their special peach ice cream infused with Just Peachy Sparkling Wine for just $1! Their latest creation is topped with fancy sprinkles, a peach sour gummy, cherries to top it all off, and of course, Tipsy Scoop’s signature #FOODPORN flag to create the Just Peachy Ice Cream Sundae. It’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend, and get you thinking about the warmer weather! Produced in Salon de Provence, France, Just Peachy Sparkling Wine’s natural peach flavor creates a rich flavor of wine, which shines through each and every bite of the ice cream. The sundaes will be available for $1 between 4-6pmFriday April 6th and Claudia Jordan will greet guests and sign autographs upon arrival. *Reminder*Even though it’s ice cream, customers must be age 21+ with a valid photo ID to try! After 6pm on Friday, the sundaes will be available for the whole month of April for $6; so even if you can’t make this exclusive happy hour, make sure to stop by later this month to try this beautiful boozy treat! 

Maialino: Maialino, about a 9-minute walk from Tipsy Scoop, is the perfect destination to finish off your Friday night; because even though you’ve already had dessert, there’s always room for a nice meal! Due to the upscale Italian food and vibes, reservations here can be a little tricky to come by. However, our favorite way to still get their signature Tonnarelli Cacio E Pepeis by walking in and sitting at the bar! The bar menu is a little more limited, but still has most of the crowd pleasing dishes people come here for! Once you enter in through The Gramercy Park Hotel, you’ll quickly fall in love with the classic modern feel against the dark wood floors and walls. The staff is always friendly and enthusiastic, further enhancing the experience. Pro Tip:Tip is included in your bill!


The Egg House: We are consistently amazed at the types of pop-ups that land here in NYC! As it’s our job to share them with you, we come across pop-ups for fashion brands, food brands, and beauty brands time and time again. However, this one especially caught our eye. An interactive pop-up, completely dedicated to EGGS (*this is not a yolk*!!) opens up on the Lower East Side this Saturday, April 7th. Whether you like your eggs sunny side up, over easy, or scrambled, get ready to immerse yourselves in a multisensory installation dedicated to this one single ingredient. The exhibit encourages visitors to enter the home of Ellis the Egg, whose story can be found here on their official Instagram. The photo opportunities will be endless (of course!) with pools filled with caviar-shaped balls, a human-sized egg crate, and an eggshell swing suspended from the ceiling! But wait, there’s more! Vendors such as Egg Shop and Eggloo will be on site to satisfy all of your egg cravings, both savory and sweet, and the Egg House team will also hand out complimentary breakfast items with coffee in the mornings and tastes of eggnog in the afternoon. There even a gift shop to get those much-needed eggcessories! Tickets for the grand opening can be found here for $18 per person and $12 for children under 10. Looks like we won’t have any problems coming up with an eggcellent punny Instagram caption after our visit ;).

Pause Café: Pause Café was actually recommended to us by one of our subscribers and we are so happy she got us to check it out (DM us with your favorite places around the city! We love to hear from you!). This is the quintessential cozy spot just 13 minutes away from The Egg House! Pack your bags because you’re taking a mini trip to Morocco with patterned tables and festive décor. We loved the healthy options offered here including the smoothies, juices, bowls, sandwiches, and drinks! The Chai Latte was really delicious and the coffee is great as well. The main highlight for us was the acai bowls. Whether you're looking for a fruity base or a creamier base, this is one of the few places that we found has a good amount of acai bowl options to choose from! The Matcha Green Tea bowl with blended acai, mango, pineapple, ginger, apple, and pure matcha topped with granola, banana, coconut, strawberry, Japanese buckwheat, and agave was our favorite one! We haven’t seen matcha in many bowls and it definitely added a unique touch. *Bonus* The tiled tables mixed with your colorful fruit dishes will give you that perfect brunch Instagram to share with your friends! 

Saturday Night:

Sugar Momma: Sugar Momma, located deep in the Financial District, is giving us a reason to head all the way downtown on our Saturday Night. The Hole in the Wall team (which is a great coffee shop during the day) has recently turned their space into an awesome tapas and cocktail bar at night! The food, which is American with a South East Asian fusion twist, was delicious, and the cocktail menu was cool and different. Everything is definitely meant for sharing, so make sure to order the spiced cauliflower dip, edamame and avocado dip, and shroom burger for the entire table since no one will want to miss out on these! Don’t leave without getting an espresso martini that has vodka, Kahlua, and (of course) espresso to guarantee you’ll be the most wide-awake friend all night long! 


Diptyque Pop-Up: Diptyque is celebrating their 50th anniversary of L’Eau (a signature gender neutral scent) by creating an interactive themed pop-up shop in Soho at 112 Mercer Street! In addition, they are pairing this with the launch of their 2 new fragrances, Tempo and Fleur de Peau. The shop is basically designed to make you feel like you’ve stepped into one of Diptyque’s gorgeous oval bottles. Inside you’ll find testing stations, video installations, and heavenly backdrops ranging from bamboo leaves to piles of succulents to create the perfect Instagram! The 2 new scents are hidden behind secretive black doors that tease what each one smells like. Open through May 19th (starting at 12pm on Sundays, but open every day!), there will be different installations and new limited-edition merchandise to buy each week; so make sure to schedule this into your weekend plan soon! 

Sezane L’Appartment: Sezane, (about an 8-minute walk from Diptyque) is best known as a popular French clothing brand. Think lace blouses, silk dresses, and delicate ribbon flats. Their New York location not only features their beautiful clothing line, but their store is serious #designgoals. The inspiration for the store comes from a Paris flat and has everything from velvet seats, picture perfect wrap around bookshelves, and tons of indoor greenery. There’s even a café in the back run by Maman, so you can order your favorite latte and take around with you. If that’s not enough to get you to stop in, they even have a gorgeous spring themed flower display (by the talented floratorium) outside their windows for the next 3 weeks! Everything from wisteria, hydrangeas, and lilacs are in bloom and can’t be missed when walking down Elizabeth Street. Just look out for the turquoise vintage bike and you’ll know you’re in the right place! 

Cherche Midi: We’re keeping up with the French theme and sending you to one of our favorite French Bistros downtown. Cherche Midi, just a 2-minute walk from Sezane, looks exactly like a Paris destination with huge displays of fancy wine bottles surrounding the entire restaurant. From the same owners that brought us other #YWPfavorites including Morandi and Balthazar, this place has their brunch menu down pat. If you’re a cheese lover, the Pot De Fromage is a delicious starter. Then, order their Black Label Burger and a side of sweet potato hash browns to wrap up your perfect Sunday afternoon! 





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