April 19-22

Friday Night:

Ophelia: Ophelia joined the Midtown scene back in February, and we are so glad it popped up on the east side; we have already been twice! Saturday night was definitely more crowded than Friday, so we wanted to provide you with the perfect low key Friday night plan. This brand new cocktail lounge, situated on the top floor of the Beekman Tower Hotel, has wrap-around couches, amazing views of the East River (and beyond), and a cool art deco theme. The drinks here definitely stand out, as they were strong, delicious, and unique. There is really something for everyone on the menu, from floral and citrus-based cocktails (we love these!), to richer ones that have Jamaican peppers and a smoky finish infused into the glass beforehand. It’s fun to sit at the bar and see the bartenders work their magic, however, there are also some alcoves that face the expansive windows and make for a great romantic date spot! If you’re looking for a fun photo, the purple tuxedo cocktail is the way to go due to its gorgeous plum color. Pro Tip: Their menu may not be enough for a full meal, but we wouldn’t leave without trying the decedent truffle fries!


Le Barricou: Le Barricou, located in Williamsburg, is giving all other brunch spots a run for their money due to one very special menu item: the baked-to-order pancakes with berries, strawberry butter, and pure maple syrup. Although they don’t sound like anything too special, trust us when we say these are one of the best breakfast items out there! The restaurant itself looks very quaint and rustic when you walk in with a ton of communal tables. However, don’t let this fool you because the space expands far into the back with tons of room for bigger groups! Pro Tip: They don’t take reservations but the bar is first come, first serve, and we were able to get 2 seats pretty quickly. To note, the pancakes (that you must get in our opinion!) take about 45-minutes to an houto prepare since they are specifically baked for every order. Make sure you’re not in a rush and order a few appetizers to hold you over. We loved the pastry basket, filled withBalthazarpastries, but once the pancakes came, the meal was really complete. The 2 pancakes are huge, so we recommend ordering these for the table, and have a dense texture like cake, so they are extremely filling but delectable at the same time. You’re in for a treat, but it can be longer than your quick coffee plans, so make sure you’re going with a committed bruncher!

Brooklyn Museum: We’re not sure if you feel this way, but we always try to fit in everything on our Brooklyn bucket list once we’ve taken the brave step to venture out of Manhattan. We know we usually send you somewhere super close to the previous destination, but this one is worth the 20-minute uber ride! Pro Tip: If you’re not in a rush, just take a cheap Uber Pool over! We will admit, we originally visited the Brooklyn Museum for the first time only due to a Yoga eventthey hosted with Adidas about a month ago. They actually host fun events like this all the time, so make sure to regularly check their events calendar here. However, after the event, we realized that the museum had so much to offer! With 6 floors, high ceilings, and beautiful architecture, it’s really a special space to visit. You can now also check out the David Bowie isexhibit, which is running until July 15th. You do need to get tickets ahead of time for a specific time slot, so make sure to purchase those onlinewhile planning your day! Once you’re in, the exhibit is set up so that you can roam freely at your own pace while being guided by interviews with David Bowie and the people closest to him, pieces of music, movie clips, and more! There aren’t any photos allowed once you’re inside, so put your phone in your pocket and really embrace what’s around you. Pro Tip #2: This may have just been because of the time of year, but we would not recommend checking your bag or coat in the free coat check that they offer upon arrival. The line builds up really fast and there is only 1 line for retrieving and checking your items. We had to wait an extra 15-20 minutes to get our coats before we left and it totally wasn’t worth it. 

Saturday Night:

Dream Machine: Are we dreaming or is there really an entire installation dedicated to our imagination? Pinch us (!!), because it's real and it's here to stay until May 31st. With rooms filled with fluffy clouds, changing neon lights, bubbles, an indoor jungle, a rainbow tunnel, and so much more, you won’t know what to visit first! Be sure to find the cotton candy man in the laundry room and channel your inner child as you jump backwards in the blue colored ball pit. You must purchase ticketsahead of time, which we actually liked, since you have a guaranteed time slot for when to go with no wait time. One of the coolest parts? The last time slot goes all the way until 9pm, so it’s the perfect evening activity! The friendly staff is all hands on deck to help you take photos, get the Boomerang of your dreams (literally!), and make sure you have a good amount of time in each of the many rooms! 

Emmy Squared: Way before @yourweekendplans came to life (what did you do before us??), we were one of the very first to try Emily restaurant in Brooklyn. Actually, fun fact, we even went with our Editor-in-Chief to try it out (clearly we have always had a thing about trying new places together!). After ordering the famous Emmy Burger (which is TO DIE FOR) and the Emily pizzawith mozzarella, pistachio, truffle, and honey, we knew this place was special and we’d be seeing more from founders Matt and Emily Hyland for a very long time. Turns out we were right; they’ve opened up a spot with a similar concept and menu just a 15-minute walkfrom the Dream Machine! It would be best to try and make a reservation on Resy beforehand, but they do have first come, first serve high top tables if you decide to go last minute. The main difference between the Emily and Emmy Squared is all based on the shape of their pizzas! You guessed it, the pizza here is the classic Detroit-style square, which gives it a super crunchy and caramelized crust. You really can’t go wrong with any of their original creations, but we absolutely loved the vodka pizza and recommend ordering anything with pepperoni. What also sets Emmy Squared apart are their delicious sandwiches such as Le Big Matt, chicken parm, and spicy chicken. They are also known for their fried cheese curds, yum! Get a bunch of different things for the table to  share and we promise you’ll leave satisfied. With that said, when it comes to dining at Emily Brooklyn, Emily West Village, and Emmy Squared, you should run, don’t walk, to get your hands on their amazing food!


Chefs Club Counter: You may recognize this recommendation as Chefs Club Counter has actually been on our Past Plans! Yet, the best part about this Soho pop-up is that chefs from around the world take turns heading up the kitchen. They pick one chef to curate the menu, design the space, and offer a unique dining experience for an extended period of time. Right now, Chef Jordan Andino has come on board featuring his take on modern Filipino cuisine. The breakfast menu is available every morning and switches over to lunch around 11:30am on weekends. We were actually there a little before 11:30 and were able to order off both the lunch and breakfast menu, which we really appreciated. The acai bowls were really delicious (and big!) so you could actually share one of these. There was peanut butter mixed in, instead of on top like most acai bowls, which really enhanced the taste of the smoothie base! The fruit on top was fresh and the bright purple acai added just the pop of color we needed for our Instagram shot. Add in a poke bowl and the Wonton Nachos with avocado crema to put your crew in serious food heaven. Shout out to my fellow IG girls @theneonteaparty@eats.and.the.cityfor helping me style and finish off this meal! 

Le District: Le District, a huge French market located in Brookfield Place, has just added a new chocolate paradise called Café Gourmand, and we’re here to tell you all about it. Only because the weather is warming up, we suggest taking the nice 25-minutewalk from Soho to Battery Park and enjoying the sights along the way! The hot pink tulips that are now planted at the entrance of Brookfield Place look like #emojisinreallifeand there’s a ton of seating outside for after you’ve picked up your treats! First stop: Thierry AtlansMacaroon Bar to try their fun and delightful flavors like cotton candy and birthday cake. The macaron flavors range from all colors of the rainbow and are almost too pretty to eat (almost !!) as we obviously had to try every single one! Add Le District’s homemade lemonade in there (the raspberry lemonade was off the charts!!) and some rice crispy chocolate bars to end your sweet adventure!





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