April 26-29

Friday Night: 

Bodē UES: Bodē NYC, originally known as Bikram Yoga NYC, was Manhattan’s first Bikram Yoga Studio! When word spread about its amazing benefits, their studio immediately took off and expanded to multiple locations, with the Upper East Side being the biggest one yet. We took the classic 90-minute classand absolutely loved it. The Classic 90 is a series of 26 yoga postures and breathing techniques, which work every muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint in your entire body. Trust us, you can feel everything waking up as you go through the movements! Bikram yoga is known for being done in a hot and humid space, which definitely adds to the experience. Pro Tip: Make sure to wear shorts and a tank top, even if it’s colder outside. We made the mistake of coming in long leggings, which made the heat a little uncomfortable at times; however, if we were dressed more appropriately, the sweating would have felt even better. As definite yoga beginners, we felt this class was actually suitable for all levels. Don’t be nervous if you can’t reach your toes or get your body in a pretzel like others in the class. As long as you try to complete the moves, you’re still getting the stretch and benefits! For a quick #humblebrag, the instructor even told us we were some of the best first timers he’s ever had! Not only did we leave really reinvigorated, but we got a major confidence boost too! 

San Matteo Pizzeria E Cucina: Looking for a low key, old school, Italian dinner with delicious pizzas and salads? You’re in luck, because only a 6-minute walk away from your workout is San Matteo Pizzeria! This spot is nothing too fancy, which we love for a causal Friday night post-sweat meal. You can call for a reservation in advance, but it’s really not needed (there are a ton of tables upstairs), which makes this a great place to pop in last minute. To start, we ordered the Insalata di Rucola, which had baby arugula with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, and pinenuts. It also had a delicious balsamic glaze on top that made us seriously want to lick the plate afterwards! Next up, we had to get the “special” off-the-menu burrata pizza. Pro Tip: There is another burrata pizza already on the menu, which has pancetta and basil, but this is NOT the one we are recommending. The one off the menu has fresh yellow and red cherry tomatoes, with a full appetizer portion ball of burrata cheese right in the middle of the pie! The crust is really soft and delicious, and cutting into the soft burrata on top of our pizza pie was simply amazing! The menu has an overall great price point and the pizza special was something not to be missed!  


Heart For Art Tour(Chelsea): Heart for Art is an art event company located right here in New York City. They provide curious individuals (like us!) and innovative companies with an opportunity to take advantage of the rich art culture that NYC has to offer! Their team is complete of dedicated and passionate artists and art historians who want to share their love and knowledge of the contemporary art world with you. All instructors have graduate degrees in Fine Art or Art History, previous guide experience, and have completed the intensive Heart for Art training program. Many are actually practicing artists themselves and have worked with the galleries that they will be showing you! On Saturday’s, Heart for Art does tours in the Chelsea neighborhood (you may have seen us do this on our Instagramstories!) which includes a 2 hour gallery tour starting at noon. With more than 200 galleries, Chelsea is known as art central. Let them take you to the best shows of the season and introduce you to the people behind the scenes of these beautiful galleries. Yes, they may stop by Gagosian, Zwirner, and other big names, but they will also show you some of the best up-and-coming artists and galleries. Our favorite part was that usually we just enjoy the visual aspect of the installations, but never know the background inspiration behind them, but this tour let us see so much more than we normally would on our own, and gave us the knowledge to appreciate the art even more! The best part? Use the code “YWPLANS” to receive 35% off of the normal tour price. Make sure to book here and share some cool Instagram worthy shots along the way! 

The Doughnut Project:The Doughnut Project, just an 18-minute walk (finally the weather is giving us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors!) from the last gallery on your tour, is a great West Village spot to grab a sweet snack! These are by far some of the best donuts we have tried in the city, and our favorite part is their ever changing interesting menu of cool combinations! There is definitely a smaller selection to choose from than other places, but the flavors are really unique and are all fun to try. Most recently we tried the birthday cake doughnuts, which were stuffed with funfetti cream and topped with crumbled cake bites! We found these artisanal donuts to be especially fluffy and not too dense. The “everything” doughnut (a twist on an everything bagel) and PB & J are also amongst their top sellers. Make sure to get a couple and tag @yourweekendplansto let us know which one you liked the best! 

Saturday Night: 

Cookie DŌ AcaDOmy: DŌ, one of our favorite dessert spots in New York, has just given us the opportunity of a lifetime! Well, we view it that way at least! Join Kristen Tomlan, the owner and founder of DŌ, in the kitchen for a chance to create your own safe-to-eat cookie dough, cookies, and more! After releasing a class schedule just for March, they now have classes to sign up for up until June with more classes added all the time. Most classes are at 7pm, but make sure to check for their specials, including an upcoming Mother’s Day edition! The classes are located right in the back kitchen of their Washington Square Park location and filled with multi-colored Kitchen Aid mixers, aprons, neon bandanas, and your very own DŌ spatula to keep! We learned what makes the Cookie DŌ edible (a special egg/vanilla concoction process) and got some tips on how to make the perfect DŌ-ey cookies. Our favorite part was customizing our own DŌ, starting with the plain base and adding any combination of unlimited toppings in the kitchen. From chocolate chips, to sea salt, colored sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, Oreos, and SO much more, we couldn’t decide what NOT to add into the mix! Your roommates will love you when you come home with a dozen freshly baked cookies, 2 containers of your custom cookie dough, and recipes to recreate it all at home! 


Heart For Art Tour (LES): As you read above, Heart for Art does amazing weekend art tours led by experts in the industry! We wanted to make sure to also let you know that if you couldn’t make Saturday work, or you enjoy the Lower East Side scene better, you can sign up for their Sunday edition! It’s still a 2 hour tour starting at noon, but with exhibitions constantly changing down here, they show their clients the most notable shows of the season! The best part? You can STILL use the code “YWPLANS” to receive 35% off of the normal tour price. Make sure to book here and tag @yourweekendplans in all of your cool Instagram shots!  

Alphabet Scoop: Alphabet Scoop, just a 20-minute walk from any of the LES galeries, is our new favorite ice cream joint and there are just so many reasons why! Make sure to end your Sunday with a visit to this artisanal ice cream store that employs the local youth and provides them with skills that will allow them to advance in their school and future work! It’s #IceCreamOnAMissionand we could not be happier to support their cause. All of their ice cream is actually made on the premises with quality ingredients and delicious, classic flavors like mint chip, but also some more adventurous ones like the razzle dazzle. Their ice cream brings us back to memories of getting that perfectly scooped cone on a boardwalk at any beach town during the summer! It has that nice, creamy consistency that we all need when the sun is shining. The staff could not be more accomodating, letting you have as many samples as possible, and informing you about their awesome initiatives. Convincing yourself that the calories are for a good cause? Of course they are! Sprinkles and justice for ALL!!





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