May 31-June 3

Friday Night: 

Mister Dips:Mister Dips is a seasonal “pop-up” food truck that sits outside the William Vale Hotelall summer long! It’s a little tricky to find, so make sure to look for their neon ice cream sign by the staircase on N 12th Street. Once you get to the top of the stairs, you will arrive at a miniature park area known as Vale Park. There are gorgeous views of Manhattan to the left and the hotel to the right, with a ton of neon colored outdoor seating and grass areas to hang out at while the weather is warm! Right away you will notice the giant silver food truck, which served up our delicious dinner and dessert. To make sure we got a true assortment of the menu, we went for the “Hot Bae” chicken fingers, “Single Dip” burger, and “Dirty Dipped” waffle fries. The chicken fingers are topped with “hot honey”, but they were honestly not spicy at all and the honey added such a delicious touch! The dirty dipped waffle fries come loaded with cheese and scallions, which we found really tasty! Pro Tip:If you like your waffle fries super crispy, we would ask for the cheese sauce and toppings on the side or go for the regular version! There’s a lot of sauce (they aren’t messing around) and it does make the fries a little soggy, however, that did not deter us from finishing everything we got and thoroughly enjoying our meal in this great setting! Add a frozen lemonade to the mix, which was the most refreshing and sweet drink to really top off your meal. Don’t forget about dessert (you know we never do!) and make sure to get the Chocolate P.B.D. which comes with dark cocoa soft serve and a salted peanut butter drip. THINK:a Reese’s peanut butter cup exploding into the best ice cream cone ever. If you’re going for an epic Instagram picture, you may want to add in the Big Kahuna! This pineapple coconut sundae comes in an actual coconut shell, complete with a lei at the bottom! Whatever route you choose, this place is a must-do on your summer hit list. 

The Turf Club:The William Vale is all about making your summer in the city amazing, which is why we present you with another one of their summer pop-ups, The Turf Club! Perched atop Westlight(23 stories high!) at The William Vale (their widely popular rooftop bar), this all-day rooftop hangout will run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through September. It’s just a 1-minute walk from Mister Dips (all located in the same hotel), so get ready to experience your new favorite summer spot. Complete with the most incredible 360 degree views, giant versions of your favorite games such as Jenga and Connect Four, cocktails, themed snacks, and music, The Turf Club ensures you’ll never want to leave! Tickets are $20 at the door, and worth every cent. The palm tree and flamingo vibes will get you in the party mood and seeing the most glorious sunset over the Manhattan skyline will certainly have you coming back for more! 


Banter:Banter, located on the border of the West Village and Soho, is just the place you need to add into your brunch rotation ASAP. My Editor in Chief, @gariblair, and I literally banter over what to order when we arrive at restaurants together (sweet vs. savory is a constant debacle!) but here, there is no issue since their menu has a mix of absolutely everything! Banter is another Australian masterpiece; this quaint spot serves up delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch items alongside freshly squeezed juices and a house-made coffee formula that they have down pat. The portions are big, so this is also a good place to share a couple of main dishes with the table. The highlights for us included the nutella French toast, which came with bananas, strawberries, a nutella covered plate, and a crunchy granola-ish nut crumble. We haven’t seen granola added onto French toast at most places, but it added the most amazing crunch to the overall dish. The banter bowl, which has carrots, cabbage, radish, cucumber, edamame, avocado, quinoa, and a miso dressing was the perfect balance to our sweet starter. All the bowls are great for your protein loving friends, but the avocado and mushroom toasts are also not to be missed. They don’t take reservations, but they are very honest with the wait times and usually you will be seated in 20 minutes or less! 

Sunnyhues’ Happy-Go-Lucky Interactive Exhibition: Behold, another Instagram worthy exhibit has landed right here in NYC! Just a 10-minute walk from Banter, Sunnyhues’ is gearing up to present an interactive exhibit that features 8 themed rooms, including the Palace of Enchanted Crystals, the Ocean of Sunflowers, the Pink Beach, the Pepper Garden, the Delight of Velvet Feathers, the Illusion, the FengShui Pavilion, and the Rainbow Joy! Happy-Go-Lucky aims to blend reality with fantasy and create a magical world for you to retreat to, while leaving everyday life behind. Some rooms are covered entirely with mirrors, while another features a human size pink shell with a glowing pearl. The Happy-Go-Lucky exhibition starts from June 9th (next Saturday!) through July 8th at 43 Wooster Street. Tickets are already on sale (so we didn’t want you to miss out!) and are available to purchase here. The exhibit opens 11AM–9PM, 7 days a week and each ticket grants you 1 hour to explore the exhibition. We are pretty sure you’ll feel Happy-Go-Lucky once you’ve seen all the #selfie opportunities that await you!  

Saturday Night:

Bagatelle:Bagatelle, located in the heart of the Meatpacking District, is your ultimate chic neighborhood bistro. This flagship location of Bagatelle transports you to the South of France, by enveloping you in a bright ambiance, from the colorful flowers, to the leather banquettes. The minimalist décor pops with curated artistic sculptures (we loved the giant Rubik's cube by our table!) and paintings from Opera Gallery. Bagatelle's new menu has plenty of options from land and sea to choose from. The Organic Truffle Chicken is one of their signature dishes, whole-roasted and fragrant, not to mention being perfectly shareable. If you’re looking for a lighter bite, there’s a wide selection of oysters, crudo, and tartar, as well as charcuterie. If you love truffle, this place is for you. Everything from the truffle pizza to the notable truffle gnocchi was filled with shavings of the delectable topping! Bagatelle has long been the meeting ground for tourists and locals alike. Although known to get rowdy at brunch (and past 10PM!), be sure to discover Bagatelle before the lights go down for a quieter scene. 


DanceBody:As you may have seen us embarrass ourselves on our Instagram recently, we happily embraced the fact that we got a *few* minutes of one of DanceBody’s dance routines down last week! If you’re taking this class for the first time (like us!), don’t be nervous, because the instructors there are ready to help you get the moves down and make sure you constantly keep moving! The moves are not super complicated, but the class does move quickly to keep your heart rate up! As long as you do your best to follow along, you’re already killing it. The entire concept is dancer- turned-instructors moving your body in new ways and working muscles you didn’t know existed. We will admit – it’s hard, however, the workout combines dance-inspired cardio and toning set to motivation music that makes you want to sing your heart out. Even though it’s tough at times, it’s inspiring to see a class full of people let loose and enjoy the challenge! There are 2 locations: Tribeca and Nomad, so pick your favorite location and get dancing!

Dominique Ansel Kitchen: Dominique Ansel Kitchen, not to be confused with his infamous bakery, is about a 20-minute walk from the DanceBody studio in Tribeca. Now that Memorial Day has passed, all of our summer favorites are coming back including the Dominique Ansel Kitchen’s soft serve window! In true Dominique Ansel fashion, this year he decided to bring his limited edition What-a-Melon soft serve all the way from Japan to us here in New York City! It’s seriously one of the most refreshing treats we’ve had recently! We couldn’t have loved our fresh slice of watermelon with dark chocolate seeds, filled with watermelon soft serve any more. This dessert was as delicious as photogenic, which is not always the case! Pro Tip: The window is only open Wednesday and Thursday from 3-9pm and on the weekends from 12-10pm. If you’re really in the mood to treat yourself, remember that their burrata soft serve is also back by popular demand for the second year in a row! 





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