June 14-17

Friday Night: 

Mad46: Mad46 is a hidden rooftop oasis located right in Midtown at The Roosevelt Hotel. While most thirsty happy hour goers are all cramming into the same 5 rooftops waiting 30 minutes for a cocktail, you can enjoy one right away at one of NYC’s best kept secrets. Just around the corner from Grand Central and minutes from many office areas, Mad46 was made for making rooftop season a breeze! It’s also an Instagram worthy trip to make (always important) with their new floral swing installation. Take a break from the hot pavement and traffic while you’re transported into their mini garden set up. While we recommend coming for the drinks, the views, and the photo opps, they also have a full menu complete with a cheese board, truffle flatbread, hummus, and more, which were all tasty. We would try to grab a table closer to the middle of the rooftop and order everything right at the bar, which definitely had faster service. The floral swing is located all the way in the corner of the rooftop, so make sure to walk to the end to grab your picture! Pro Tip: Sometimes that space is reserved for private parties as we later found out, but if you ask the staff to direct you, it’s definitely possible to sneak in the perfect swing Boomerang!  


Smorgasburg: Now that it's summer, one of our favorite activities is back…that’s right, Smorgasburg! On Saturday’s, Smorgasburg is located in Williamsburg right by the water at East River State Park. It’s open from 11AM-6PM and you literally can’t miss the giant outdoor market. Just walk towards the water once you get off the L train! Smorgasburg has over 100 rotating vendors, so we are always excited to see what type of food and drink trends are going to pop up! After doing our thorough research, we had some places in mind and were on a mission to try them out for all of you. On this note, we would highly recommend that you get there RIGHT around 11:30/12pm. Even though it may seem early to start, the lines at the most popular places get a little unmanageable past that time. If it’s really hot (like our 80 degree day last Saturday), this activity may not be for everyone! With the crowds and stands very close together, be prepared to sweat while in search for your lunch. We would also recommend doing a full loop and walking around to each stand before you decide what you want. There is no specific order in which the vendors go by, so you have to strategically plan your eating journey. This year our favorites were Tramezzini,BTartsThe Good Batch, and BonaBona Ice Cream. Tramezzini served us up a beet grilled cheese that not only looked beautiful (imagine: a hot pink cheese pull) but tasted really good. The grilled cheese is fried, so it’s really more like a glorified mozzarella stick. Don’t let the beet scare you; it didn’t affect the taste at all. While we still had enough energy to make it through the heat, we went about our desserts trying the delicious Canadian butter tarts from BTarts, the amazing cookie dough ice cream bar from The Good Batch, and an ice cream cone topped with a torched marshmallow from Bona Bona Ice Cream! To “beet” the heat, grab one of the many types of ice cold lemonades from your favorite vendor and head down by the water to catch a breeze and escape the crowds. It may be hot, however, in the end, it’s always worth being able to see so many different vendors show off their creativity in one single spot.

Saturday Night: 

The Woodstock: The Woodstock, a recently opened restaurant in the Meatpacking District, definitely has a concept we can get on board with. Just serving (literally) cocktails and pizzas, they are making your night out fun, simple, and delicious! The space is huge, with a front area for eating, back area with pool tables, a lounging area with couches, and a very long bar. We really appreciate that they fully embraced the 60s theme with floral covered seats and groovy drinks! All of the pizzas (tons of variations) are $15 each and the cocktails are all $10 each, so it makes splitting the bill with your friends pretty simple! The Eddie pizza, which had white truffle and toasted hazelnuts, stood out to us with a great flavor for those who prefer a white style pie. The pizzas are a little bigger than an individual size, but not much, so a pizza per person isn’t going too overboard. The cocktails are all presented in unique ways, which definitely adds to the overall experience! We were dying to try the Light My Fire, which when advertised, looked like it was glow in the dark! However, Pro Tip:it just comes in a light bulb glass with no special effects. The actual drink was also extremely spicy with a real strong kick to it, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before ordering it just for the photo. We stuck with the Evil Ways, which was a little sweeter and served in a Tiki mug that you get to keep! Around 9:45, the restaurant dims its lights and turns up the music, so don’t expect to have an intimate meal if you’re coming on Friday or Saturday past 10pm. We felt some major club vibes as we left, but this makes it a great place to know you can eat and party afterwards! 


FitHouse: FitHouse has a $99/month membership for unlimited studio-style work out classes in locations constantly opening all over Manhattan in 2018! We visited their location on Bowery Street and were super impressed from the moment we walked inside! Their mission is to create a new type of group fitness offering in a boutique-setting: affordable classes, best-in-class instructors, and multiple convenient locations in NYC. FitHouse offers HIIT, yoga, barre, and more, so you don’t have to feel tied down to one type of exercise! The studio has a large studio room and everything else you need, including essential water, towels, and lockers. We took the Barre Fusion class, which was (really!!) hard, but amazing at the same time! It was basically a mix of cardio and toning, with a lot of focus on your leg, arm and abs strength! Some parts used the actual bar, while others were on a mat or with weights. When there’s great music and a great instructor motivating you, anything is possible! See for yourself, by signing up with the code FITHOUSE-YOURWEEKENDPLANfor a 7-day free trial and 50% off your first month! (Offer valid through July 31, 2018). We will see you there! 

Galeria Melissa: Seeing stars from all those squats? Just wait until you take an 11-minute walk to Galeria Melissa! Here you’ll find their latest art installation which features tons of 3D stars hanging from the ceiling and displayed on giant screens! Galeria Melissa, is actually a retail space, but also rotates artists to design exhibits for their Soho store. For the next few months, you can see Natalia Stuyk'screation come to life as you walk through an entire mirrored room of reflective stars. Once you’re inside, it feels like the stars go on forever, but make sure to look up to the ceiling, as that was one of our favorite views!

Coffee & Cream by OddFellows: Meeting someone for coffee but also craving something sweet? Takea short 8-minute walk over to Coffee & Cream. The new dual coffee/ice cream concept is brought to you by one of our all time favorite ice cream shops, OddFellows, and combines two of our favorite things! It’s located right on the corner and there are a few tables inside along with bench seating by their large windows. OddFellows adds the same creativity to their coffee items as they do to their interesting and unique ice cream flavors. Treat yourself to a cold brew milkshake (made with coffee instead of milk), black cherry soft serve, or a latte with their toast milk option. Whether you pick from their 12 rotating ice cream selections, espresso bar, or pastries, you seriously can’t go wrong! 





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