June 28-July 1

Happy Thursday, Everyone! Due to the July 4th weekend, we’re taking a #YWP short break as we celebrate with everything red, white, & blue! Make sure to look out for our next issue coming back on July 12th. 

Friday Night: 

Maya:Maya, a Mexican restaurant located on the Upper East Side, is one of our favorite places to grab a drink with co-workers, meet friends for happy hour, or have a romantic dinner date! It honestly covers it all with their creative cooking techniques and warm Latin hospitality. They have all your classics like tableside guacamole, but be on the lookout for their fresh-made tortillas with authentic fillings! Sip on their spicy margaritas or rosé sangria (a warmer weather delicacy) alongside their specialty brisket nachos. The bar is right in front, with some high top tables and couches to lounge at along the wall. Pro Tip: If you can’t make it on Friday, keep Maya on your list for the 2 for $4 Taco Tuesday special available all summer!They also have a GREAT weekend boozy brunch with unlimited drinks AND small plates for just $49! 


Industry City:Industry City, just minutes away from the N/R trains, is located along the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Between the 35 acres and 16 building complex, there’s A LOT to see, do, and eat here! Thankfully, we scouted it out ahead of time so that you hit all the essential spots during your visit. We will note, it’s easy to get confused between the food halls, outdoors spaces, and venue areas, so make sure to keep an eye out for the maps on the side of the streets and buildings to get to all of our recommendations! When you first arrive, head to the Industry City Food Hall, which you’ll notice immediately as you approach the area. It’s pretty similar to Chelsea Market in that you’ll see tons of different shops and eateries ranging from chicken kebab sandwiches to organic ice cream. Although we usually can’t say no to anything avocado, take our advice and avoid Avocaderia, heading straight to Kotti Berliner Doner Kebaband Ends Meatinstead for some delicious and one of a kind sandwiches. Take a quick food break to admire (and get a great insta photo!) of the neon-glow-painted freight elevator and 6-story mural by famed artist Camille Walala. Your next destination? Frying Pan Brooklyn, known for their floating location on the west side of Manhattan, Frying Pan has officially opened up a second annex right here in Industry City. Enjoy a spicy watermelon margarita in their colorful outdoor seating area. Before heading home, make sure to stop for one last snack, either at Yaso Tangbaofor some soup dumplings or Blue Marble Ice Creamfor a scoop of their signature blue marshmallow and peanut butter chip flavor! 

Saturday Night: 

Narcissa:Narcissa checks all the boxes when it comes to a trendy and aesthetically appealing restaurant. In one of our favorite neighborhoods, Narcissa is located in the East Village at the Standard Hotel. Usually it’s hard to combine cool vibes with guaranteed good food, but Narcissa nails it every single time. In true Cali-inspired style, the entrance looks like an island bungalow, only to find an even more charming garden area to dine in ahead of you. Vegans and vegetarians will flock here due to their distinctive techniques of roasting, rotisserie, and slow cooking so many different kinds of produce on the menu. Don’t worry, they still have a bistro steak for a main course, but the crispy beets and carrot fries are must-haves!

Mochii:Just a 9-minute walk away from dinner, you’ll find a hidden gem of a dessert shop on E 7th Street. They are serving up just one thing, mochi, and once you try it you’ll see there’s really no need for anything else! For those of you who don’t know (we sure didn’t), mochi ice cream is a small, round confection consisting of a soft, pounded sticky rice dumpling around an ice cream filling. The ice cream flavors spruce up the treat, while the mochi covering adds sweetness and texture. All the mochi here is handmade with all natural fresh ingredients every day and, bonus, it’s gluten free! Our favorite flavors were the black sesame, chocolate chip, and mango but there are so many options to choose from. Open until 11p on Saturdays, these make for the perfect light sweets to enjoy on the go or on their cozy bean bags chairs.


Y7 Yoga:We never thought hip-hop and hot yoga would combine into one of our new favorite work out classes, but, here we are! They have locations all over the city, but we suggest the y7 Flatiron location this time, just so that you can do some serious brunching afterwards. However, all studio rooms provide the same great experience, with dark, low-lit candle lighting, and of course, high temperatures! We love that there are little markers for your mats, so you never have to worry about being too close to the next person or finding a spot. The best part of the class is that the teacher will go through the Yoga moves slowly a couple of times, but then blast the music up high and let you do the flow as fast as you can! You’ll sweat (a lot) all while getting your fix of The Weeknd’slatest track. Don’t feel intimidated if it’s your first time, because you’re made to feel welcome by all who work here, no matter your yoga expertise (trust us, we have fallen out of about a dozen poses per class!). Plus, their new student packageis a deal you don’t want to miss! 

 Zucker’s Bagels:Motivating yourself to work out on weekends is a tough task, but not when you have the recently opened Zucker’s Bagels just a 4-minute walk away from your workout destination! This new space is definitely on the more modern side, but still has that homey feel with wood countertops and an exposed brick wall. Bagels are usually an on-the-go item, but here, Zucker’s offers plenty of seating options (we were able to get a big table during prime time with no problem!). Any combo at Zucker’s is great, but we highly recommend the “Flatiron”, which is their new sandwich dedicated to this location. Complete with everything seeded salmon, scallion cream cheese, and avocado … it’s literally everything and more! 





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