August 17-19

About @tooomuchfoood:I started my account a little more than 4 years ago during my junior year of high school. At the time I just posted photos that were aesthetically beautiful, but not necessarily ones that made the food look good. Two summers ago I started taking the account more seriously after hitting 5k followers, and since then I've been posting every day multiple times, going to up to 6 food events a day and working hard to make my food account more than just *another* food blog. I'm still in school and I plan on going to business school a couple years after I graduate, so blogging is not my full-time job, but maybe one day it will be. For now I work part-time at Yelp as the marketing assistant in NYC and Brooklyn, and I'm a summer intern at RVD Communications. I also run my own sneakers business called @sneakersbymorgan. I live on the Upper East Side and for fun I like to frequent $1 oyster happy hours around NYC, go to rooftop bars, and take photos at art galleries downtown and in the Chelsea neighborhood.

Friday Night: 

Shake Shack Silent Disco:This summer I worked 4 days a week at a PR Firm in Brooklyn and part-time (nights!) at Yelp NYC, so my Friday nights, when I could finally relax and see my friends, were always one of the best parts of the week. Since I’m clearly a huge foodie and I actually enjoy working and blogging, I like to incorporate into or combine my work with my free time and make it food-related (so I can post about it). Part of my job at Yelp is to scour the Internet for cool events to add to the calendar, so I usually have a pretty good sense of when and where all the month’s food-related events are happening. For example, this Friday night I’ll be going to the OG Shake Shack’s Happy Hour Silent Disco in Madison Square Park! Every ticket comes with a free glass of wine or beer at Shake Shack, so I’ll definitely be there getting lit in glow in the dark gear, dancing along to the 3 different live DJ’s with two servings of cheese fries in hand.


The Taiwanese Collective’s Lab B: Since I’m still in college (thankfully in NYC!), I try to make the most of my Saturdays and get content for the rest of the week. If there’s a fun food pop-up or art exhibit like The Taiwanese Collective’s Lab B immersive bubble tea exhibition, it’s really the best of both worlds for me because I can spend time with my friends and also get lots of content. This weekend I’ll be going to one called Lab B, which is a one-weekend-only art experience that’s part funhouse, part exhibition, and part teashop. You can create in the DIY lab, play in the different rooms, and learn while sipping on bubble tea. Basically there’s going to be a bubble tea pool, a huge bubble tea balloon, a tasting room, photo’s an art exhibit that’s built for Instagram (and especially foodies). If you like this kind of thing and you don’t mind waiting on lines, you definitely shouldn’t miss Lab B.

Saturday Night:

Clinton Hall: Saturday nights are always a fun night to go out with friends because (hopefully) you got a good night’s sleep the night before. Usually I like to get dinner and drinks and then head out to a rooftop bar downtown. One of my favorite restaurants right now is Clinton Hall, and they have four locations around NYC including one in Williamsburg. Each location is a little different, but they all have really fun, larger-than-life games like giant Jenga, huge Uno, a Connect-4 game board three times the size of your typical toddler, and chess that you can play on the wall. Not only is the atmosphere ridiculous and the music poppin’, but also the food at Clinton Hall is also totally absurd. They have huge pretzels, triple-stack waffles with ice cream and an entire cake slice on top, and a Fondue Burger with fries stuffed into the bun and a pan of hot cheese sauce that you can pour all over the burger (like a CHEESEburger - get it?). My personal favorite is the Grilled Cheese Doughnut with tomato soup. Yes, it’s just as good if not better than it sounds. After dinner my friends and I will head somewhere like Brass Monkey, which is a lit 3-floor bar with an outdoor rooftop near the Whitney Museum, or The Heights at The Arlo in midtown Manhattan, which always has great music and delicious frosé.


Chelsea Galleries: Towards the end of high school, I would always take the subway downtown and go gallery hopping in Chelsea on Sunday mornings. There’s an area between 20th and 24th street along 10th and 11th avenue (right by Chelsea Piers) with a ton of really cool and popular galleries like David Zwirner, Lehmann Maupin, Pace, Gagosian, and some lesser-known (but still incredible) ones like Gladstone, Lisson, and Klein Sun. In the end they’re all pretty well-known in the art world, but I usually just like to go to the ones with immersive exhibits that I can integrate myself or my friends into for photos. Usually I’ll wear a monochrome/neutral outfit (black + white, grey, etc.), which works with most if not all of the art. Plan to be there for around 2 hours if you really want to see and experience all of the art galleries!





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