September 7-9


Motorino:We’re such huge fans of Motorino East Village, so we were very happy to hear they’ve opened uptown! There's something in particular about the soft crust and Neapolitan dough that keeps us coming back time after time! The pizzas and menus are mostly the same across both locations, however this new Upper West Side spot has great outdoor seating to know about. The inside is small, although you do get a nice view of the wood-fired oven, but we recommend taking advantage of their patio while the weather is still warm! There are a lot of toppings to choose from (which we love!), but sticking to the margherita option here has always been our best bet. Make sure you don't skip out on the Pizza Wine, a carbonated red wine, which is served perfectly chilled alongside your meal. Just in case you’re still taking advantage of your last summer Fridays, this new Motorino location also has a prefix lunch that may be the best deal above 60th street. Monday – Friday between 11A – 4P, order any mixed greens salad and any pizza for just $14. Yum! 

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Company:After hearing all the hype surrounding pickle ice cream (yes, you heard us correctly!), we finally made it to Little Pickle Dumpling Company, just a4-minute walkfrom Motorino, to try it out for ourselves. We were super curious to see just what our favorite salty snack tasted like in soft serve form. Pro Tip: Make sure to ask for a sample if you're unsure whether you'll like the taste. They are more than happy to let you try it beforehand!We were actually surprised by how the pickle flavor blended so well with the creamy texture and sweetness of the soft serve! The flavor is comparable to a sweet pickle rather than a regular or half sour, but the pickle flavor is definitely present and not overpowering. For $5 you get a huge portion in a big, clear cup, so if you’re looking for something adventurous, it’s totally worth it. They also have Matcha soft serve (which we will never turn down) and an option to add chocolate dip to either! Just in case you really regret your decision (or need an extra dessert), this is just a quick reminder that Levain Bakeryis just a few blocks away!  


Room For Tea: The first tea-themed immersive art experience has officially landed in NYC! If you’re a tea lover, or just love a photo friendly pop-up, then this is the place for you! All tickets (which can be found here) offer a 40-minute journey featuring 5 main senses inspired by tea culture around the world. The senses include: “Labyrinth of Tea Origin”, “Milk Tea Metropolis”, “Matcha under Cherry Blossom”, “Summer BOBA Court”, and “Mint Tea Secret Box”. Afterwards, weekly guests from New York’s hottest tea shops will treat every visitor with one of their complimentary signature BOBA teas on the way out! For those who want even more, Room for Tea offers an additional 40-minute tea ceremony experience that you can add to your ticket. Every ticket sold will help the organization Trees for the Futureto plant one tree, so head there before it closes on September 22nd!

Gotan:We're moving right “oolng” to your next stop (tea-he!!). Gotan, only a 6-minute walk from Room For Tea, is a casual café with fresh, healthy options! There are so many delicious Mediterranean inspired plates to choose from, you just can't go wrong! From a simple avocado toast, to their unique hummus & roasted vegetable bowl, you can easily use this spot for brunch, lunch or a snack. The atmosphere gives off very cool, downtown Tribeca vibes, all while feeling homey at the same time. Once you place your order at the counter, choose from the plethora of seating to enjoy your meal!

Saturday Night:

Bluestone Lane:Bluestone Lane, a true #YWPfavorite, is making all of our dreams come true! Due to the fact that it’s our go-to coffee shop around the city, we couldn’t be happier when we heard that the news: Bluestone Lane will now debut a dinner AND full alcohol menu at select locations! Not only do we love eating here for breakfast and lunch, but now we can load up on their fresh food combinations past 5pm! The full menu is still in the works, but after bombarding the staff with questions last week, we see some short ribs and an Aperol Spritz in our future! Make sure to check their websiteas they plan to release more info any day now!


Candytopia: Ready to leave New York City and take a quick trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Well, here, everyone gets the golden ticket! If you ever dreamed of making your way through a real-life Candyland, then you’ve come to the right place. Treat yourself to Candytopia, where you can explore rooms of candy sculptures, candy art, confetti bombs, colorful picture-perfect moments, giant emojis, a marshmallow ball pit AND even candy to take on the road! Thoughtfully curated byJackie SorkinZac Hartog, and John Goodman, this four-month interactive art installation celebrates the vibrant colors and flavors of our favorite sugary delights across over a dozen environments! It’s great for kids and kids at heart (like us!) alike, as there is something sweet for everyone to enjoy!





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