September 28-30

Friday Night:

Roof at Park South: Roof at Park South, located in the Park South Hotel, should be your next Friday night destination due to their brand new fall menu, which just launched this Monday! Get into the fall spirit with everything from Spiked Apple Cider, to Bombed Hot Chocolate, which is guaranteed to transition you into the colder months ahead. Add some truffle fries or cinnamon churros from the food menu and sit by one of the giant cozy fireplaces to really embrace those sweater weather vibes! We especially love that it’s never too crowded here, so know you can find a seat, catch up with some friends, and take in the surrounding penthouse gardens views nestled amongst the skyscrapers.  


Covina: Covina is a true gem of a spot, and that takes a lot for @yourweekendplans to say! It really has everything from it's 5 star menu, creative dishes, upscale, yet comfortable decor, and amazing hospitality. Also located in the Park South Hotel, Covina is no ordinary “hotel restaurant”. It has a huge space for dining, a smaller cafe in the front, and an option to sit by their open kitchen to watch the chefs work their magic! Covina is great for any time of day, but their brunch menu is worth making a priority. The expansive menu gives you tons of options, but our must-have highlights included the Hungarian potato fry bread, grilled cheese with curried tomato soup, wood grilled chicken salad, and spicy honey pizza. The Hungarian potato fry bread was as if fried dough and a potato latke had a baby; the smoked salmon, avocado, eggs, herbs, and ranch sauce that came on top definitely made it memorable. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a grilled cheese and tomato soup combo, and this one is not to miss! We actually thought the tomato soup was better than the grilled cheese, so if you’re deciding where to splurge the calories, we would ask for the soup alone. It was creamy enough without the dipped bread and a stand out flavor all on it’s own. Don’t skip out on their thin crust pizzas, they are all so good! Finally, their wood grilled chicken salad is really top notch! Even our editor, Gari, who never orders a salad, says it’s one of her all time favorites! It has so many goodies in it like chickpeas, avocado, bacon, lots of shredded cheese, and is chopped to perfection! Covina is the perfect spot to take your family, friends, or your next date!

Kaylee’s Creamery: Kaylee’s Creamery, less than a 1-minute walk from Covina (just a few doors down!) is seriously the ice cream shop that this Kips Bay / Murray Hill neighborhood needed. However, it was actually so good, that it’s worth traveling for even if you’re not right around the corner! Kaylee’s Creamery is truly passionate about making exceptional, high quality, and old fashioned ice cream. Trust us, with one taste you can already tell that they provide the finest artisanal ice cream, which is free of stabilizers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and food coloring! Their ice cream is made from four simple ingredients - fresh milk, cream, egg yolks, and pure cane sugar. The ingredients are carefully prepared in-house from scratch, to freezer, to your cone! Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean the flavors disappoint, with unique menu options like Pot of Gold (vanilla and Lucky Charms) to Orchard Road (which has ube and pandan flavors mixed together!). For a more simple selection, we recommend going with the Cookies and Creme or Blueberry Crumble which were also both delicious. The Cookies and Cream had Oreos AND chocolate chip cookies in it and the Blueberry Crumble had pieces of real blueberry cake and blueberries inside! There is really no wrong combo, and you can even add a matcha waffle cone or rose crystals to give your dessert those colorful finishing touches!

Saturday Night:

Broadway Bites: Broadway Bites pops up in the summer and fall (it opened this past Monday!) at Greeley Square, so now is the last chance to enjoy it before the inevitable winter cold creeps in! Open through November 2nd, Broadway Bites always has a diverse mix of cuisines from local chefs and makers. You’ll find a mix of experienced vendors, as well as talented up-and-coming entrepreneurs bringing their flavors to the market for the first time!  Enjoy some yummy Silly Chilly Dumplings in this gorgeous weather underneath Broadway Bite’s twinkly lights with a margarita in hand (many of the vendors are serving alcohol!). Founder Sufia Hossain started Silly Chilly by creating her own line of hot sauces, and they are super hot! Lucky for you, we got you a discount code to try them out! Use code BB15 for 15% off your hot sauce order (link hot sauce website somewhere). Be sure to end with Cryo Cream for dessert, which literally gives you smoke signals via their nitrogen desserts!


Brrrn: Ready to warm up to the idea of sweating in the cold? Brrrn is JUST the place to do that! Located in the heart of the Flatiron district, Brrrn has scientifically proven the benefits of routine cool temperature exposure combined with exercise to optimize the fitness experience. Think of it as the opposite of Hot Yoga … but better! We promise this workout is no colder than a typical fall crisp morning and once you get those muscles moving, you barely notice the temperature! Trust us, we came prepared for the HIT class with gloves, scarves, and a beanie, but once Cake (our amazing instructor!) had us doing bear crawls, burpees, and planks, our layers came off and we were in a tank top throughout the whole 45 degree class! We felt that the colder temperatures let us work out for longer, with less fatigue after each interval training, plus you even burn more calories! The actual movements in the class were awesome too, with battle ropes used for complete arm strengthening and motivational circuits where we seriously felt the brrrn ;). Still think you’ll feel a chill after leaving the class? Warm up with their Infrared sauna, which is available to book any time and will heat you up in a quick New York minute! Read more of the cold hard facts on their website, or try it for yourself by booking online or through class pass today!





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