October 26-28


Switch Playground: Switch Playground, one of the newest workout studios to hit NYC, is literally an adult fitness playground with two locations: one in the East Village and one in Soho. However, their playground may differ from your average basement gym, with cutting-edge fitness technology and state-of-the-art facilities, all in a group fitness environment. Most could compare Switch to a HIIT class (high intensity interval training) with skilled trainers, a live DJ, and special effects (think: fog machine!). Who needs to go to the club on a Friday night when you can check off going out during your workout? Pro Tip: It’s definitely fun to bring a friend, because every class includes a “playground partner” who you pair up with in the beginning of class. Don’t worry though, even if you’re trying it out solo (like we do, all the time!), Switch will make sure you’re paired up with a great match. We loved the warm-up which consisted of a short yoga session and that there were always multiple trainers around to provide personal attention/instruction. We guarantee you won’t get bored throughout the 25-minutes, as they actually *switch* it up and only have you spend 2 minutes at each of the 20 boot camp-like stations. You know what they say … play hard or go home!

The Better Pop: Need a sweet (but, healthy!) treat to cool off after your sweat session? Well, we know just the thing for you! The Better Pop, a better version of your average popsicle, is made with fruit and kombucha. That's it. They use whole fruit, not fruit juice, which adds more fiber to every bite. We couldn’t choose which flavor we liked the most, because each was just as refreshing and delicious as the next. Pick from pineapple coconut, blueberry, or strawberry, and discover the new (best!) way to consume your daily probiotics! The Better Pop delivers anywhere in Manhattan for FREE (minimum of 4 per order) simply by ordering here. However, until Monday 10/29 you could enter to win our Better Pop giveaway which gives you 4 FREE popsicles (delivery included) to your location of choice! Just comment 3 friends you want to share these with on our Better Pop Instagram post.


Arlo Soho: Haven’t found time to organize that quintessential fall day at the farm? Well, lucky for you, you can now go apple and pumpkin picking right here in New York City! Located in the courtyard of the Arlo SoHo hotel, you’ll find a “pick your own” apples and pumpkins stand waiting for you! Every week the apples and pumpkins are sourced by Farm to People, an organization who works with local farms nearby to ensure weekly deliveries of fresh produce. They have everything from honeycrisps to macintosh, which they also use on site to whip up some amazing cocktails using all local ingredients! If you find yourself wanting more of this flannel inspired oasis, on Thursdays from 4-7p you can join in on Arlo Soho’s Happle Hours, which includes more fall favorites from the hotel bar!

The Dutch: The Dutch, only a 9-minute walk away from Arlo Soho, is a cozy, casual spot that we promise carries on your Saturday fall vibes. We love that the entrance looks like you’re going into an apartment building (look for the awning above the door) as you enter into a dining room of warm tones and dark leather seats. First things first, order their doughnut tree, which includes peanut butter chocolate, matcha crullers, and most importantly, apple cider donuts! Really, who needs to the leave the city when all the classic fall finds are just a few blocks from each other! All of their eggs are also from Feather Ridge Farms, making us consistently lean towards ordering up one of their veggie filled omelettes. However, all the brunch items from the toffee waffles to the honey butter biscuits are worth trying. Pro Tip: Make a reservation on OpenTable so you can avoid the wait on weekends since most people just walk in!

Saturday Night:

Bar Sixty Five: Let us start out by saying not all tourist traps are created equal. What may sound like a tourist-only destination, can still be a place that even a long-term New Yorker can enjoy! Bar Sixty Five, located in the iconic Rainbow Room of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, is one of the best places we found we could enjoy an unbelievable view, all whilst enjoying a great cocktail alongside it. If you’re looking to spice up your typical date night or #GNO, this is definitely a great change of scenery. The bar is split up into two sections, one portion is for just drinks and standing tables, while another portion has tables available for drinks and food. You must have a reservation if you want a table (it’s super easy to reserve on OpenTable), but in our opinion either option is great. Pro Tip: The table does give you access to the small outdoor patio which is an amazing photo opp, especially at sunset. Before leaving, snap that perfect skyline picture through the giant floor-to-ceiling windows in every direction, as the bar has a complete 360 degree view! If you want to stay in the area afterwards, Limani works for a fancier meal, but make sure to check out Taco Dumbo for some low key tapas!


Brooklyn Bowl: The weather is getting colder and it’s time we (unfortunately!) move towards some indoor activities! Brooklyn Bowl, located in Williamsburg, is a perfect Sunday spot to meet friends, bowl, listen to live music, and grab some Blue Ribbon snacks all in one place. The bowling is on a first come, first serve basis, but it moves quickly, so just make sure to get your name down as soon as you’re inside! The space is huge and something special always is going on; just check their special events calendar here before you go to see what they have in store for you!

Misi: Misi, only a 15-minute walk from Brooklyn Bowl, MUST be your next destination when visiting Williamsburg. Brought to us by the incredible chef of Lilia (on our past plans!) - Misi did not disappoint one bit. However, Misi is almost impossible to get a reservation on Resy due to the small amount of actual tables and large amount of bar seating. Do not be discouraged though, because we found just the way to make sure you eat here! Start your day on the early side, because you’ll want to line up in front of the newly opened restaurant around 4:30p. Misi opens their doors exactly at 5:30p, but the closer to opening, the longer the line gets! From experience, getting there at 4:30p was perfect, since we were second on the line and got seated at the bar right away. Honestly, the bar seating was great, since it looked into the wide open kitchen and let us see the chefs prepare everything fresh to order. Misi is unlike Lilia in that it only has pasta and appetizers (most being vegetarian!) but when you’re dealing with Chef Missy Robbins, that’s all you really need. We seriously could have ordered the entire menu (this rarely happens to us!) but the whole roasted eggplant with calabrian chili, lemon, and olive oil and  the spinach and mascarpone filled tortellini with brown butter and ricotta salata were both stand out dishes! The service makes dining here a special experience, with our waitress making sure we knew every detail about every dish before making up our minds. End your early bird dinner with one of their homemade gelatos and be back home by 9p with a very happy stomach. Nothing better!





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