November 9-11


Fine & Rare: It can be *rare* to find a place with good drinks, a unique atmosphere, and great food. However, Fine & Rare offered us just that, and it’s officially our new favorite Midtown spot to share with all of you! Think Jazz Lounge meets dining at a speakeasy, with running fireplaces, large booth seating, live music, and bottles of liquor lining the walls. Count 99 bottles of beer on the wall (times x10!) since they have an absurdly large offering of drinks, including their smoking rye old fashioned which literally comes out smoking for the perfect Boomerang opportunity. If you’re looking for something on the fruiter side, the three hour tour with strawberry, banana, fresh lime, and rum tasted like a spiked smoothie. The food was just as good as the drinks, making for a fun and tasty experience. The appetizers are on the smaller side, and not the best for sharing, so we would stick to main courses and sides for your table. The jazz band (which plays all night) is fantastic and just the right volume so that you could still enjoy your dinner conversation. If you just want to stop by for drinks, you can do that too by sitting along the bar or counter near the stage!


MoMA: Bruce Nauman, the current main attraction at the Museum of Modern Art, is a man, “who spends long periodseven years—not working, just trying to decide what to make and what to say in his art”. It may partially be because of this “silence”, but artists and viewers alike are always on the lookout for what Nauman will do next. Check out his latest exhibit on display until February 2019 to see a mix of a neon lights, bright colored signs, and sketches guaranteed to boost your Instagram feed. You never know when the next installation will come around, so this is something to take advantage of now!

Palette at Bergdorf Goodman: Keep your artistic eye in tact as you take a quick 6-minute walk to Bergdorf Goodman’s lower level. Here you’ll find their latest beauty café, which they transformed into a whimsical art gallery featuring renowned pop artist, Ashley Longshore. Dine alongside Longshore’s most iconic pieces, like her flavor paper jeweled wallpaper, bedazzled giant champagne bottles, embellished vinyl chairs, and inspiring quotes in bright colorful letters. All the artwork on display (*apartment goals*) is available for purchase, so don’t forget to add one of her signature rhinestone butterflies in addition to your sandwich sampler with the check!

Saturday Night:

L’Artusi: Where to start? L’Artusi, located in the West Village, is seriously one of our most recommended places for visitors and locals alike. L'Artusi consistently delivers the greatest Italian food every single time we go here! It is hard to get a reservation, but they are available on OpenTable, so just make sure to book 30 days in advance and keep an eye out for cancellations. L’Artusi works best for a special occasion in our opinion, since you’ll seriously need to order everything on their menu. We hadn’t been back in a little bit, but after visiting last weekend, we can’t get over everything that we ate! The service is always the best, with the most attentive wait staff that recommended just the right food and wine to go with each of our preferences. You’ll notice those trendy vibes when you walk in, but this food is anything but your typical pretentious scene. You really can’t go wrong with a single dish on the menu but the remaining highlights for us include the: kale salad with pecans, apple, cherries, and smoked ricotta, garganelli with mushroom ragu and ricotta salata, and olive oil cake for dessert. We almost didn’t get dessert because we were so full, but the olive oil cake is not to be missed. It has the perfect hint of sweetness, density, and flavor to end your dairy filled meal (Pro Tip: Cheese is on EVERYTHING here, which we loved, but we would stay away if you’re lactose intolerant!) on an even higher note!


Ryde: Ryde, a spin studio in Union Square is a great place to know about if you’re looking to up your workouts and have fun at the same time! With their amazing deals on Groupon, Ryde is 100% worth checking out. All the instructors work very hard to kick your butt during class, all while motivating you throughout. They are even introducing themed rides (we took a The Greatest Showman themed Ryde this week!) so feel free to tell them any of your requests when you check in at the front desk. We are crossing our fingers for A Star Is Born next time, so it wouldn’t hurt to mention that one! Lauren is one of our favorite instructors if you can snag a class with her, since our cycling felt like a big dance party that left us ready to conquer the week ahead. The studio is clean, with lockers and showers, but shoes must be rented for $2, so bring your own if you have. If the endurance gets too hard, just tell yourself that you get to indulge in hummus right after!

Panorama Middle Eastern Grill: Panorama Grill is the perfect addition to the Union Square area, just a 2-minute walk from Ryde. It’s more of a fast-casual Mediterranean experience, but the interior is so cozy and comfortable that it'll make you want to sit and stay! You can make your own box with unlimited toppings and sauces or start with some of their signature dishes like the mezze platter and halloumi fries. The portions are on the bigger side, so if you want to try multiple pitas, we suggest going with the Middle Eastern sliders. You’ll get a combination of falafel, roasted cauliflower, chicken shawarma, and meatballs topped with pickled vegetables and mixed greens. We asked for a side of feta and ended up with entire bowl, so we knew this was our type of place. No matter which way you go, the ingredients are fresh and authentic which ensures you’ll be taking home some delicious leftovers!





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